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By: Madison McIlwain, Associate at Defy

Gen-Z cares more about the environment than potentially any prior generation; as is suggested by their self-proclaimed icon of Greta Thunberg. However, will they be the generation to pledge buying waste-free fashion and deliver? Being a fashion vegan, defined as someone who does not purchase first-hand clothing, is a challenge to live out. …

We are so excited to have Brian Rothenberg join the Defy team, here is his journey in his own words…

Ten years ago I went to business school with the aspiration of shifting from product management into venture capital. …

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We wanted to let you know we raised an oversubscribed Defy II at $262M today following our $151M Defy I inaugural fund which we closed two years ago. Defy II was led by the most premier LPs in the world, including university endowments, hospital groups, nonprofits, and foundations that allow our success to contribute to things we care about like scholarships, research, and community programs. There was more demand than capacity for the fund because investors know all we want to do is invest in the best entrepreneurs who want to change the world.

Our strategy is exactly the same as when we founded the firm. We invest in compelling, authentic early stage entrepreneurs and partner closely with them to help them scale their businesses. Entrepreneurs choose to work with Defy because we help them raise the right amount of capital, build the right consortium of coinvestors, and because their success really does matter to us and our firm. …



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