You’ve had time to farm some coins — and with your Saiyan Rage boosts, probably sitting on a large stack of Goku or Vegeta coin.

And while you can farm Dragon Points to get NFTs…

You could just buy them outright straight off our storefront!

(With a discount, of course.)

Jiren, How Does This Work?

It’s simple my friend.

  1. Go to our store, and select something that catches your eye.
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2. Click on “Make Offer”

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Image for post

3. Choose either GOKU or VEGETA Coin in the price menu.

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And that’s it! We’ll take lower offers than listed price when you pay with our coins — just a way to thank our weab degens.

I’m saddened that there are no Jiren NFT’s yet but that’s for another day I guess.

Jiren, out.

DegenbalJiren reporting for duty.

It’s been (depending on when you read this) over a day since the farms have opened.

So, of course, the question becomes:

Which farms have the highest APY?

The thing is though — all of them have insanely degen APY’s still.

AKA — no one is in the farms yet.

And when you add Saiyan Rage… Powell’s printing will look slower than an eth transaction when gas is over 300.

How To Farm?

No matter how many times Jiren explains this to newbies, someone inevitably asks the question.

So here’s how you access the farms to farm Goku or Vegeta. …

Jiren reporting for duty.

Your patience has been duly noted — our time is nearing.

The farms open at 8 PM EST (5 PM PST and 1 AM UTC), so less than half a day remains until we unlock the gates, and you degens can kaio-ken your funds into the farms.

One important thing to note is that you must act quickly — token distribution of the 40,000 coins (20k Goku + 20k Vegeta, with half of the coins in Saiyan Rage) will only be for 7 days.

Jiren hears you — what’s Saiyan Rage, you ask?

Good question.

Saiyan Rage — XP Boost

I hinted at a sort of XP boost mechanism in our announcement article but was not able to reveal details at this time. …

If you had the dragon balls, what wish would you want granted?

Would it be for something you want so badly, you’d even throw away your conviction and justice?

Or would it be for like, I don’t know, some NFT’s or something?

Your decision is wise — wait what?

You want NFT’s?

Sigh… glad that this was a rhetorical question, and you don’t have the dragon balls.

But regardless, Jiren is here to report that your wish is granted — at a price.

How Get NFT?

While you could wait and exercise some patience to farm Goku or Vegeta coin….

Which you can then farm Dragon points with…. …

Jiren reporting for duty.

As loyal fans of the saga, it is your obligation to prove how big of a weab you truly are, and submit your best idea for a NFT.

Who knows — Jiren may pass along your ideas and it may even become a reality.

We may even decide to bless you with a free copy of the NFT you helped bring to life

(idk might be psyops though)

For those inspired — simply go to our Twitter @degenballz and tag us with your idea!

  • Can just be an idea — “Goku but waifu”
  • Can be an example…

Anime fans,

This project is for you.

Image for post
Image for post

Degen Ball Z is the name, and I’m Jiren — your host on a project that’s truly over 9000.

Degen Ball Z looks to bridge anime and crypto through NFT’s of varying rarity.

They come in various rarities:

  • Common
  • Rare
  • Ultra Rare
  • Legendary

And combine both references from the anime show as well as humor from the crypto community, like this:

There will also be collectibles from all of the different eras of the show — like kid Goku, Goku, Super Saiyan I, etc. (example, not confirmed design).

Another first for Degen Ball Z is that it will be a “multi-winged” DAO. …

Degen Ball Z

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