Degen Corporate International

Dezmos Degen
2 min readOct 11, 2022


Story-Telling Collection of Degeneracy

What is DCI (Degen Corporate International)? DCI is a collection of Degeneracy and a gathering point of all the Degenerates from the WEB3. The DCI collection narrates a traditional Degenerate culture of flipping NFTs, maximising the leverage, while at the same time portraying important NFT figures that have an important place in the history of NFTs.

Chilling in your room on your set-up, drinking your favorite drink, smoking a J, buying some NFTs, looking for the next hot-coin, scouting the charts-This is what we are all about, this is what our culture is all about. In this collection anyone can find a personalised degenerate that reflects their real life, whether you are a Bored Ape, Azuki, Moonbird, Meme Lover, or a simple Degenerate in a hoodie, we have it all.

DCI is timeless — It is truly the first ethereum collection that genuinely and accurately depicts the people, the culture, and the community that gathers around the WEB3. The time will bring importance and value to DCI, one day when you look back in time and think of all the important NFTs that changed and evolved the space along with the ideal and ethos present by the Degenerates, you will be wishing you got your DCI sooner. DCI is produced by the culture, for the culture.

DCI Community
If you ever bought an NFT, fudded, paperhanded, diamond-handed, even used any of these terms, you are ONE OF US. You are eligible to join us in this new emerging culture and dive in depths of the WEB3 with us. Degenerates don’t have a boss, they are their own rule makers, DCI just enables all like minded degenerates to meet, discuss, build, flip, share knowledge & memes. DCI does not promise anything, in fact it is much more than that; It is WEB3 museum where like-minded individuals can gather and worship the culture of degeneracy.