Short Note to All Right Wingers Complaining About Trump Witch Hunt and the Liberal Media

Spare us.

Trump (like another Republican before him — — hmmm…see a pattern?) is destroying himself by being corrupt and abusing their power. The fact that you blame the mainstream media for holding him accountable is the same old Right wing whine about the “liberal media“ and straw man arguments we’ve heard before. I would direct you to numerous rigorously sound, quantitatively-based scholarly studies that overwhelmingly find no appreciable left wing bias in mainstream media organizations, but I dare venture your retort will be the usual conservative dismissal of academia as fatally liberal biased. Hence, the straw man…

Surrounded by enemies…what are poor conservatives to do with the power of the Presidency, Congress, and SCOTUS in their hands? And, of course, the cabal of RW screeds now enjoying privileged spots in the WH press briefing.

Look in the mirror, Grasshopper. Look inward.

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