What each and every one of us who cares about our lives as free people can do Right Now and Every Day about Trump.

Sheriff David Clarke saluting at the Republican National Convention 2016

On the last episode of his show, the HBO host, John Oliver warned about the dangers of normalizing Trump and the hatred he’s inspiring — -that it would cost us dearly if we don’t take heed right now.

For people who don’t want to look at the video, here is the gist of what he said:

“The HBO host specifically warned viewers to resist the impulse to normalize the former reality star and ‘Klan-backed misogynist internet troll. ‘It is going to be easy for things to start feeling normal, especially if you are someone who is not directly impacted by his actions,’ Oliver said. ‘So keep reminding yourself, this is not normal.’ He then repeated a number of shocking campaign proposals Trump pledged to fulfill once in office, including the dismantling of Obamacare, the deportation of millions of undocumented immigrants, and much more.” — -Inae Ohvov, Mother Jones, Nov, 14, 2016

So, Oliver warned about the tendency to normalize Trump. You know, that thing we Americans do because many of us live pretty ordinary lives that hum with the day-to-day activities of everyday life — -chores, paychecks and paying bills, family, friends, work, neighborhoods and communities. We aren’t used to the normal decision making of politicians really affecting us in a concrete way (that we see concretely). That’s because most of us alive today have never known tyranny up close and personal. We were not alive during the lead up to Hitler’s reign . Only our parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents remember Jim Crow segregation. Go over and take a look at Hitler or George Wallace or any of these past and present charismatic madmen who led and lead their countries and people who believed in them to ruin.

Today, to us, they look ridiculous. How could they be taken seriously? Why didn’t “the people” see this guy was dangerous and rise up? We look at these maniacal fiends today as the most uneducated, bigoted cretins imaginable. We ask incredulously: Why didn’t “they” fight back? Why didn’t they see the nonsense in these charlatans and con men’s outrageous rhetoric? But back then, they weren’t saying, “Oh, look how dangerous and ridiculous Hitler is” or “Look how racist George Wallace is.”

That’s not how these things work.

“The people,” they were ordinary, everyday people who got caught up in a sequence of dangerous events that looked harmless at first — -until their whole world, as they knew it, caved in. Just like you and I could be. Look at a compilation of Trump’s most outrageous statements during this hellish election:

How to spot signs of authoritarianism’s creep

Taken separately, they may even appear, to those who agree with some of Trump’s rhetoric, as just plain common sense. They may even appear to be just harmless, reality show, antics. But the United States Presidency is not a reality show. But they have a reality show personality as their President now. And one who is utterly unpredictable, woefully unprepared, on a power and ego trip.

Scary Stuff.

Just like “the people” from Syria, Egypt, and dictatorships everywhere past and present, autocrats are given power by the people, who often willingly give over hard earned rights — -because they think it won’t affect them personally. Only the bad guys and girls have something to worry about. If you’re doing everything right, you have nothing to fear. Until you do.

If you want a reality check, take a look at Al Jazeera’s prescient mocking of the U.S.’ election of Trump. It’s hard to read. It’s not pretty. But it’s absolutely the truth.

And that’s what we need. The truth. A wake-up call. As Oliver said of Trump:

“He’s abnormal. He’s a human. What Is Wrong With This Picture? So giving him a chance, in the sense of not speaking out immediately against policies he has proposed, is dangerous.”

Oliver is absolutely clear headed here.

We better wake up.

Trump is dangerously unpredictable, mean spirited, vindictive, and worst of all — -he doesn’t have a clue about what he’s doing. We don’t really know about his conflicts of interest (thanks to our ignoring demands for his tax returns), relations with in all but name autocrats like Vladimir Putin, and nepotism galore (trying to get his three kids and son-in-law highest security clearance while they run their father’s commercial business).This is just the tip of a huge iceberg. And don’t rely solely on the Republicans or the Democrats to stop him. They cannot control him without the people’s overwhelming consent and involvement. Have they controlled him so far? Think about it. White supremacist as Chief counselor. Mr. original Stop and frisk, Rudolf Giuliani, as Secretary of State? Crazy Sheriff David Clarke as Homeland Security Chief? Has Trump spoken out against the KKK marching in NC — -without hoods? The racial hating going on around the country?

We have to do whatever we can.

Educate ourselves.

Shut down and vote out state and local officials who try to bring Trump shenanigans to our local cities and towns

Attend our city council meetings and speak up!

Speak out and shame average everyday people who try to use Trump-like tactics in the workplaces, neighborhoods (even if you think they’re friends), and schools.

Speak out against people trying to convince us online (including social media) and offline that Trump’s antics are normal.

Teach our children (my lord, yes!) the importance of not adopting and sticking up to Trump-like bullying, shaming, hating.

VOTE in your local, state, and county elections against Trump posers EVERY TIME (they’re going to be coming out of the woodwork now).

These are things we can do every day in our real lives. We must wake up and stomp out this nonsense before it gets out of our control. Trump was outvoted in what really counts — -the popular vote — -by hundreds of thousands (close to a million). The majority rejected his hate. Now, we must all see it for what it is and not pretend it’s going to be alright. It will only be if we shut down Trumpers while we still have the chance. Our guaranteed Constitutional rights are only guaranteed as long as we are willing to stand up to those who challenge it in the most unequal and malevolent ways — -for their own quest for power, riches, and glory.

After all, the Constitution is just a piece of paper if people don’t stick up for their rights.