What this Cruel Bill Means

Here is the“practically, what it means to everyday people” takeaway on key concerns about Senate TrumpCare.

1) Eliminates funding for women’s reproductive care through Planned Parenthood. Religious groups through the Republican Party have long targeted Planned Parenthood because Planned Parenthood performs abortions. They don’t care that Planned Parenthood does mostly what the name implies: help women plan their health and families through addressing reproductive issues. This is just another attempt to attack that organization by deleting federal funding for Planned Parenthood so it will cease operation.

2). Severe Medicaid cuts. This will​ deeply affect the ability of the poor and indigent to get quality healthcare. Meaning, if they don’t get funding for Medicaid expansion, the states won’t be able to afford to sign up new members on the healthcare plan (because the government is not helping to fund it). This all means that the people with no money, unemployed, disabled, pre-existing and/or chronic medical conditions or have children with such conditions will not be able to sign up for healthcare in many of the poorest states. Tax credits won’t do Jack for this.

3). Leaving it up to states to determine what are essential health benefits like hospital visits and mental health care means essentially that, again, many of the poorest states will not be able to afford to sign up people to plans that pay for hospital visits or mental health — -basically, THE point of healthcare. Whenever you see, “leave it up to the states,” it’s bad news.

4) Not requiring younger people to sign up is essentially the death knell to the entire enterprise because only older and sicker people will sign up and the whole thing will collapse because insurance companies are a business, not a charity. Insurance companies are funded by the healthy. They are not in the business of paying out money for the sick and old. In other words, they need more healthy and younger people to fund payouts for fewer sick and/or elderly. Bottom line, this is a repeal of universal health care.

5) The percentage of uninsured citizens now is about 10 million, down from 20 million before Obamacare. The number of uninsured people on this Senate ChumpCare is projected to be 18 million by 2020 — -a loss of almost 10 million people not being insured. So, basically, it would be like it was before ObamaCare. In effect, this will kill any hope of attaining universal healthcare and nullify any of the gaines made by Obamacare so far. Obamacare could have been fixed but Chump and the GOP have purposely neglected the ACA since January to weaken it to make the case of necessity for their abomination.

Speaks for itself.

TrumpCare is a repeal. It is not a replacement. This is the end goal the Republicans have wanted. Instead of outright repeal, they’ve just taken the long and sneaky way around.

Right now, the Senate lacks the GOP votes to pass it but don’t worry, enough will cave. They’re sheep.