The Collective: By Meredith

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The Collective: by Meredith is a proposed solution to a problem that many digital consumers face — accessibility to content they care about. Meredith’s recent acquisition of Time Inc. makes it the largest magazine publisher in America, creating the perfect position to leverage this opportunity and provide users with accessible and personalized content they know and trust.

What is Meredith?

Meredith Corporation is a public, diversified media firm dedicated to delivering trustworthy content to audiences of scale that drive financial return for shareholders. The company focuses on magazine publishing, television broadcasting, content licensing, and data/marketing services. As of 2018, Meredith is the largest…

An Integrative Approach to Improving User Retention

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Case Study Overview:

What is Headspace? — Approach — Research — Synthesize — Discover — Proposal — Iterations & Testing — Conclusion & Future Opportunities

What is Headspace?

A meditation guru in your pocket. Headspace is a meditation and wellness company committed to creating a happy and healthy world. Accessibility for users is key to the company, which provides bite-sized guided meditations via the Headspace app. This, combined with a user-friendly interface, makes learning meditation approachable for inexperienced users and practical for users with busy schedules. Content is offered in the form of Packs, with topics ranging from coping with anxiety to athletic mental preparation. …

Kristen DeGraff

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