What Is Blab and My Top 7 Tips For Using Blab?

Blab is a live streaming online platform for desktop and mobile. Where you can watch, join and interact with people that are live, building more face-to-face online relationships. Having good value conversations that help and matter to you, your life and your business.

Just to mention you will need a twitter handle to use and login to Blab.

Screen shot of Blab interface

My Top 7 Tips For Using Blab

My Top 7 tips for using blab are below, if you aren’t on there yet I would recommend jumping in on a few first to get the hang of how people host and co-host and join in conversations, always give value in a blab, never sell people will automatically follow and contact you just buy listening to what you say in a blab.

1. Setup your Profile in Blab tell people who you are

2. Start a Blab and title it ‘TEST’ familiarise yourself with how a live Blab works

3. Type up a strategy for your future Blabs and keep notes when live

4. Schedule your Blabs and Share them out across your social platforms to build up a good following

5. Be Yourself on your Blabs

6. When live on a Blab ask people to ‘Tell a Little Bird’ which tweets out to their followers on Twitter

7. Engage with not only people that are live with you but also with people in the comments

I hope you find my Top 7 Tips For Using Blab useful, do let me know if you have any questions when using Blab?

I am here to help, comment below or get in touch via social media.


Originally published at www.damionelson.com on October 7, 2015.