Online Courses

5 Advantageous Stuffs from Attending Online Courses

Online courses are basically courses that care performed not in class whereas it can be performed in any place that we want. Why is it possible? Because it uses internet in order to connect the students with lecturers. The consequence of using internet is that we don’t need to appear physically in the class whereas all we have to do is to grab our laptop or computer and to turn on the internet. Comparing online-based courses with regular courses will mainly result in the advantage on online-based courses therefore in here, we are going to give a bit information about some main good stuffs that we can get by attending online-based courses.

Lots of Option

The very first good stuff from getting online-based courses is the option. Yes, online courses myriad of options that we can choose by ourselves without any restrictions from the college. This is actually the main selling point of online-based courses where we will be given a full responsibility in deciding our future which is by choosing courses freely.

Low Costs

The second good stuff from getting online-based courses is the low costs. This is actually another selling point from online-based courses where the costs that are needed to be spent to get a same degree with attending online courses is far cheaper than attending regular courses. Why is that possible? It is because some costs that are not used when we are attending online courses. Costs which encompass book cost, renting a room cost, electricity cost, chalk cost, and even market cost do not exist when we decide to choose online-based courses. Assuming that we have a laptop or computer then there are two things that we need to pay which is the electricity cost and internet cost. Those assumptions above conclude that online-based courses are far cheaper than regular courses.


The third good stuff from getting online-based courses are flexibility. Yes, this good stuff can be felt for some of us who are not having a full time to attend regular courses. It is the fact that some people are working at the same time with the time that they must attend classes. This good stuff from online-based courses is also advantageous for people who unable to move from their current position due to sickness or any other reason where by getting online courses, those immobilized people can study in their current position.

Choose Our Lecturer

The fourth good stuff from getting online courses are the opportunity to choose lecturer. Actually, this good stuff is applied only in several colleges but the number is growing. Choosing our own lecturer can also be advantageous since we have a tendency in understanding the course more if we like the way that the lecturer teaches us.

Healthy Competition

The last good stuff is healthy competition. Attending regular courses will cause us to meet two kind of students which are the active one and the passive one. The passive one tends to be, of course, passive in class because they don’t like face-to-face communication where in online courses they don’t need to us that kind of communication