Your student ID makes you eligible for thousands of discounts.

College students get special savings on cars, clothes, computers and more! Here are 50 popular college student discounts that apply nationwide. And why do we say “thousands?” Ask for student discounts at locally owned coffee shops, bookstores, restaurants and so forth. Remember that when you’re on the road, too!

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Automobile Discounts for College Students

Save on cars, insurance and oil changes with your student ID…

1) Allstate Save 20% on car insurance when you’re a full-time student.

2) Geico Do you maintain a B average or better? Full-time students ages 16–25 with at least B averages can save an additional 15% on Geico car insurance.

3) GM College Discount Take $500 to $5000 off Chevrolet, Buick or GMC…

About Boise State University

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Boise State University is Idaho’s largest public research university and a Division I NCAA school. Originally a private junior college founded in 1932, it was a beacon of hope for locals struggling through the Great Depression. Today Boise State’s 22,700 undergraduate and graduate students have access to about 200 degree programs.

Some highlights of Boise State eCampus include a range of nursing degree programs (from the RN-to-BSN to the Doctor of Nursing Practice), the Doctor of Educational Technology degree program, and the newly launched MBA program. About 20 distance learning degrees are offered.

Why we like Boise State Online…

Reason #1: Dedication to Research

Boise State’s traditional and digital campuses get respect. Some highlights: Launched in 1989, the Boise State eCampus Organizational Performance and Workplace Learning program has earned a national reputation for high quality; Boise State’s College of Engineering has long been respected by engineers across America; and US News & World Report has twice listed Boise State as a top up-and-coming regional university. …

MOOCs — Massive Open Online Courses — have served North Americans since at least 2008. Now the free distance learning phenomenon is going global in a big way: The State Department’s MOOC Camp Initiative has partnered with Coursera, a leader in distance learning technology, to bring MOOCs to 30 countries — including many that lack widespread reliable Internet access. The University of Trinidad and Tobago, LEARN and other institutions are also partners in the project announced on October 30.

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The first 30 learning hubs are planned for Baghdad, Buenos Aires, Cairo, Chennai, Hanoi, Helsinki, Juba, Kyiv, La Paz, Lima, Manila, Mountain View, Phnom Penh, Port au Prince, Port Louis, Prague, Santiago, Seoul, Shanghai, Tbilisi, Kakamega, Moscow, Mumbai, and Port of Spain.

According to a report released yesterday by the Chronicle of Higher Education, 42 private college presidents in the US were compensated with more than $1 million each in 2011. The previous year had 36 presidents on the list. The report’s authors used data from colleges’ tax filings to arrive at these figures.

The highest-paid millionaire university president in 2011 was the University of Chicago’s Robert Zimmer. He had $3.4 million to manage, although his base salary was under $1 million. (Deferred compensation for performance adds to many presidents’ base salaries.) …



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