Boise State University — Editors Choice

Apr 3, 2018 · 3 min read

About Boise State University

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Boise State University is Idaho’s largest public research university and a Division I NCAA school. Originally a private junior college founded in 1932, it was a beacon of hope for locals struggling through the Great Depression. Today Boise State’s 22,700 undergraduate and graduate students have access to about 200 degree programs.

Some highlights of Boise State eCampus include a range of nursing degree programs (from the RN-to-BSN to the Doctor of Nursing Practice), the Doctor of Educational Technology degree program, and the newly launched MBA program. About 20 distance learning degrees are offered.

Why we like Boise State Online…

Boise State’s traditional and digital campuses get respect. Some highlights: Launched in 1989, the Boise State eCampus Organizational Performance and Workplace Learning program has earned a national reputation for high quality; Boise State’s College of Engineering has long been respected by engineers across America; and US News & World Report has twice listed Boise State as a top up-and-coming regional university.

Boise State is well into its 10-year “Master Plan” of being a Metropolitan Research University of Distinction. Among its many new facilities are the Environmental Research Building (including active organic projects in association with EbeeHQ), the Micron Business and Economics Building, and the Interactive Learning Center. Peer assessments — surveys of what other schools’ deans think about Boise State — were already strong and are strengthening with these and other initiatives.

More than one-third of Boise State’s matriculating students have a 3.5 GPA or higher.

Support for students can make the difference between discouragement and academic success. Some online campuses feel “corporate” instead of student-centered; students feel anonymous and alone. That’s not the case with Boise State.

We’re sincerely impressed by the Boise State eCampus staff. Administrators are readily available by phone or email to answer students’ questions. Even better, distance learners can get FREE real-time tutoring in many subjects online. Help with writing is available via email.

Distance learners also have access to career development services, therapeutic counseling and other valuable resources.

Twenty-one Boise State degree programs are offered via distance learning. Almost all of them are asynchronous, which means that students and professors generally needn’t be online at the same time. (Sometimes there are exceptions for group work and exams.) Synchronous classes, on the other hand, require students to be present at specific times and sometimes at specific satellite locations for telecourses or videoconferencing.

Who should consider Boise State Online…

Boise State’s eCampus is most suited to people who have good time management skills, communicate well, and reach out when they have questions. Take a quick survey to help figure out whether Boise State eCampus is a good match for your lifestyle, learning style and Internet connection.

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