So the next time you say, “I hate Hillary Clinton,” ask yourself why.
Your Gleeful Liberal Takedown of Hillary Clinton Is Affirming Institutional Sexism

I think you might also ask _yourself_ why so many people hate Hillary Clinton. She and her husband have raised over 3 billion dollars over the last 40 years from Big Banks, the Fossil Fuel industry, Drug Companies, and a variety of special interests.

Time Warner, owner of CNN, is one of her top contributors and lobs her softballs in debates and town halls while hammering on her Democratic opponent.

She has been on the board of Walmart which has driven down wages and forced many of it’s employees onto welfare to save money.

She has supported trade deals which encouraged job flight, imploding the economies of the cities where factories and plants closed down (…and then Walmart moves in afterwards).

She takes money from private prison corporations and has been “tough on crime” her whole career and now campaigns about how unfair the justice system is.

…and then her support for wars.

Before Bernie Sanders began his campaign, most of his soon-to-be supporters were pushing Elizabeth Warren to run. Of course there are insane sexists spewing bile on the internet. Bernie Sanders also gets a spray of anti-semitic garbage that no one really talks about. It is the internet.

But if you think “the left” is being unfair, then you are also lumping people’s educated views (many held by women) with the inane bile — which kinda works against your point.

Most that criticize her for taking money, also criticize Barack Obama for the same (many are furious that there have been no prosecutions of bankers — who happen to have donated to Obama), and would if Kerry or Gore were running today because now, more than in the early 2000's money in politics is easily seen as the prime corrupter of our political system.

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