A Guaranteed Way For You, To Learn To Speak English Well, Because It Works!

What You And Everybody Else Should Know About Learning To Speak English Fluently, Like A Native English Speaker, With A Better Accent, For A Less Time!

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Forget about the grammar!

If I told you, that I am so exited, that I know an effective method, to learn to speak any language, fluently, for a short time, would you believe me? Let me explain!

It is so exiting to know, that if you want to learn to speak English fluently, all you have to do, is to listen to a native English speaker, and speak the language everyday!

But why a am so sure, that it is the best method?

Because, scientists tell us, that for each language skill like reading, listening, speaking, or writing, different parts of the brain are used, for each one of those skills! That is exiting to know, because it means, that if you want to learn to speak the language, you have to speak it, without trying to study grammar, or read and write!

And it does make sense! Because children learn to speaktheir native language by listening to their parents, and then speaking, long before they learn to read, write or any grammar! Think about that!

Forget about the grammar! You do not need it to learn to speak English fluently! After you learn to speak the language, on a more advanced level, even if it is not grammatically correct, and you make mistakes, then you can start to learn the grammar, in order, to shape and improve, your already learned spoken language.

I know somebody from Ireland, who learns to speak a new language very well, in about three months! He speaks, a few languages! His best advice is to speak the language everyday! That is how he learns a new language fast! When I saw him to speak a few different language very well on Youtube, I was so exited, that his advice really works!

When I was learning a new language, all I wanted to do, was to learn to speak that language well, for the shortest period of time!
I tried reading, and studying grammar, but I found that the best way for me to learn to speak, was to listen to a native speaker of that language, and then to repeat and speak the language myself!

Imagine how would you feel, if you could have interesting English MP3 audio stories, spoken by a native English speaker, and PDF text of those stories, with you, on your mobile phone, tablet or in your MP3 player in you car, and listen to them, wherever you go? You could pause and rewind those stories, and repeat what you hear, while your read the text, at the same time. It is exiting, and it is convenient! And it is the best way, how to become a fluent English speaker!

I was very exited and happy, when I was learning to speak a new language, because I downloaded some MP3 audio stories, spoken by a native speaker, with PDF text from the Internet, and then I installed them, on my mobile phone, and on my tablet, and I could listen to them, and read the text, at the same time, wherever I went, at my work, or in other places. You can do the same!

If you do not believe what I am writing here, just go and click on the top of the page ‘Free MP3 Audio’, and start using the audio English stories for a few days, by following the advice I am giving here, on this page, and see for yourself, that it will help you, to learn to speak English better! The MP3 audio stories on this website, are free to use online at any time!

Another thing to remember is, that every English learning material is unique and different, than any other English learning material, and that is why, it is always best, to use different materials, to learn the language!

I am a qualified English teacher, with a teaching experience, and have found, that the best and quickest way, to learn to speak a new language, is to listen to the native speakers, and to speak the language everyday!

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