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A trip to Phuket is a great way to spend some quality time with your loved one. Vacationing in Phuket is comparatively a less strain on your pocket when compared to other tourist destinations around the world. Its paradise like beauty will take your breath away. Obviously if you have decided to spend your vacations in Phuket it’s just as well that you explore the whole island at your leisure. What better way to take a look around the island than to hire a private scooter of your own. What’s more with the scooter at your disposal you can take off on the wanderlust whenever you feel the urge to. No waiting around for taxis seems like a great option especially when the locals charge exorbitant sums for even paltry distances. Since there is such a great deal to look and explore in Phuket you might just as well use a rented Motorbike in Phuket.

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Some Of The Fantastic Motor Bikes Available For You To Rent Today

The Benefits Of Renting A Motorbike in Phuket

Inexpensive Motorbikes are relatively inexpensive to rent and you can spend all that extra cash you save on yourself.

Coastal Roads The roads in Phuket are made for motorbikes. Ask anyone living in Phuket or who has visited Phuket, they will point you towards a Phuket motorbike rental

No Tuk Tuk’s It means that you won’t have to rely on taxis and other modes of transport, which can tend to add a burden on your Wallet.

Save Time! It saves time too. Instead of waiting around taxi stands and haggling for the fare you can now go wherever & whenever you please.

Flexibility Whether you like the markets, shops, beaches or just out and out exploring, enjoy a cold drink at a bar after a long day of adventure. The motorbike is essential; the ease of parking alone at these venues takes the pain out of your day.

Good Times! It’s just plain fun. The freedom of riding a motorbike around in Phuket can make you feel pretty adventurous and free spirited.

There is just NO better, faster, more enjoyable way to see Phuket than renting a motorbike from Phuket Motorbike Rental. It’s Just The Greatest Holiday Experience Ever!

Our Range Of Motorbikes For Rent In Phuket

There are a wide variety of motorbikes available for rent in Phuket. Some of these are as follows:

125cc to 150cc

These are the most common and easily available Motorbikes for rent in Phuket. Some of the newer models like the Suzuki Hayate and Honda Click provide excellent fuel economy with an abundance of power for a 125cc engine. So if you are big on doing your bit for the environment then these can prove to be a great choice. It’s a great option for those who have no prior experience of driving a motorbike in Phuket because they come equipped with fully automatic gear change. The Honda PCX 150cc is a very popular choice with couples as the little bit more power for those hills and body weight is a bonus and fuel economy is still at a premium. These bikes also are fully automatic.This means you can concentrate on enjoying the ride while not having to worry, if you have limited experience with riding a bike.

125cc Suzuki Hayate Motorbike

Looking for a cheap scooter hire in Phuket, then look no further then the Suzuki Hayate models! Relatively cheaper than the 150cc Honda’s, these offer a wider seating arrangement than some models, for comfort.With twin shock absorbers they are up for the additional weight carrying capability without compromising handling. Under seat lockable storage for safety.They are light, powerful and very maneuverable in traffic and easily parked. These are perhaps built for the less experienced rider.

Honda Click 125cc Motorbike

The Honda Click is a lovely little motorbike, with similar features to the Suzuki. Maneuverable, light weight and manageable, economical, powerful and comfortable. Under seat storage for that purchase or storing your helmets. Also very popular with the less experienced rider, a great fun bike.

Yamaha Elegance 135 cc Motorbike

With its liquid cooled 135 cc Engine the Yamaha Elegance is made for urban roads. It gives great mileage and is an efficient bike. The twin tube shock absorbers provide a good run with the heavier loads and on the sometimes less than perfect roads of Phuket. With the slightly larger engine this can prove a bonus on the steeper scenic areas of Phuket.Again very similar to the previously mentioned Suzuki and Honda, they are fully automatic and very easy to ride.

Honda PCX 150cc Motorbike

Terrific to look at and a dream to drive, these powerful models of motorbike for rent in Phuket are not just great lookers but work just as well. With its automatic shut down system if the scooter stays stationary for more than 3 seconds you save a great deal on fuel making for greater fuel economy. Coming with a larger fuel tank for less top ups on day trips around the Island and boasting great fuel economy as well. It also comes equipped with Combi braking, a feature for safer faster stopping. The Motorbike is slightly bigger, giving it a superior ride and comfort, but none the less maneuverable, being fully automatic makes it easy to operate, the heavier suspension and more power makes it a popular choice with couples. It comes with 25 liters of under seat storage, what else could you ask for. If you are looking for a ride for two in Phuket, make sure you get hold of this one.

Honda Forza 300cc Motorbike

The Honda Forza is a smooth and pleasant ride with larger seating area for extra comfort on those all day excursions. Despite the fact that it’s a big bike and is made for the highway commuter it’s easy to maneuver. It gives great mileage, which helps save you money. It has good torque and an abundance of power. Being fully automatic means it very user friendly as well. So if you are new to renting scooters in Phuket you might benefit from renting a Honda Forza. It comes equipped with really classy features like boosted twin disc brakes, an extra big fuel tank, ABS incorporated with the combi-brake system, an extra large under seat storage compartment and over size tires for traction and road holding.

***** Great Service. They bring the motorbike to you for free. Suzanne Stoffels

Safety Measures for Renting a Bike in Phuket

Driving a motorbike might sound like fun but there are certain risk factors associated with it as well. Be street savvy and keep the following in mind when riding a motorbike in Phuket

Be aware of the fact that sand might blow in on the roads near beaches which might make it difficult for inexperienced drivers to maneuver their bike safely.

Always make sure that you wear the correct supplied protective gear when you rent a scooter in Phuket.

The drivers are to keep towards the left as far as practically possible while they drive, this can be the opposite of what it is in some other countries. Make sure you know all the rules of driving in a foreign country before embarking on a journey.

The locals tend to be more aggressive drivers, which can be a real pain for tourists. Make sure you practice all the safety rules to ensure a stress free holiday.

The locals are very tolerant of tourists who are inexperienced, but a friendly wave or sorry go a long way when you make some small mistakes on the ride.

Ride about in shoes which can help you drive safely. Wearing a pair of flip-flops in not ideal!

Once you rent a bike in Phuket make sure that it stays safe while you aren’t riding it. Lock the steering when parked, put helmet under seat and take the key out of the ignition.

It is the same in every country Speed and Alcohol are not good riding companions. Be careful!

Bring your mobile phone, for 100 Baht you can get a sim card and talk time for your holiday. This allows you to keep in touch with us should something go wrong. We speak Thai and English

It’s necessary for all drivers whether foreign or locals to have a license while driving a motorbike. Many countries licenses are acceptable for short holiday stays. However ever country will issue an International license to you before you leave your own country for a small fee.

You don’t want to ruin your holiday by getting into a spat with the local police. The infringement incurs a small fee, which is more of a nuisance, as you normally have to queue to pay.

***** Had a fantastic holiday went everywhere on the Island and having the bike dropped off and picked up was great, thank you. Paul Fletcher

How It Works: Simple & Easy

If you are a tourist looking for motorbike hire in Phuket or a big bike rental you absolutely need to have the following particulars and in no specific order:

A copy of your passport

Health insurance (all bikes are covered for the rider and passenger being hospitalized in the event of an accident through the bike registration) however when travelling it is always prudent to arrange your own insurance.

A helmet. Insist that the hirer give you one while you rent a motorbike in Phuket. They are very cheap to purchase if you wish to use your own.

A Thai, International or your own countries driver’s license.

The Rates For Motor Bike Rentals in Phuket

The best thing about renting a motorbike in Phuket is that you can rent one with relative ease. The rates start around 200 baht or more per day for 125 cc bikes.

The prices are negotiable with relation to the length of hire and size of Bike.

If you decide to rent a bike from us we can assure you of free delivery in all areas south of Phuket, including:



Nai Harn

Kata Beach

Karon Beach


All other areas incur a small delivery fee.

All bikes are delivered free of damage and are checked over with you, it is your responsibility to keep it this way. They are very robust and repair costs are very inexpensive but you will be asked to reimburse us for any damage while in your care.

So what are you waiting for go ahead and rent a motorbike in Phuket today! Call 0963825150 and secure your motorbike or scooter from Phuket Motorbike Rental! Remember — we deliver the bike to you for free in most areas!

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