Know Thy Selfthie

How do your selfies produce a sense of your identity?

Selfies help produce an individuals identity because it is literally a picture of one’s self. The word “self” is even in the world “selfie.” It is the most self centered picture one can take. When a person decides to publicly post a selfie they are fully aware of how people will generally depict the photo. From this, a person can create a fully accurate depiction of themselves or a totally different persona over social media than how they really are in reality. There have been complications with this such as cat-fishing, cyberbullying, and scamming. Overall, a selfie can go both ways of creating self-identities.


Selfies I Took on SnapChat

Origins, Race, Ethnicity —You can probably tell that I’m Filipino depending on your exposure to other races in this photo.

Socio-economic status — This selfie doesn’t really show my economic status, but you can probably tell that I go to school from the backpack strap slightly shown in the photo. From this you can tell that I am a student and that I am not financially independent.

Sexuality —You can’t really depict my sexuality in this photo as it’s just me holding up a piece of bread that I chewed out to form a mask.

Gender —I’m hoping you can tell that I am a male in this photo. Also you can see my facial hair and adams apple.

Origins, Race, Ethnicity —From this photo, you can’t fully tell what my race origin or ethnicity is without assumptions because the photo is just me after training and sparring. This selfie doesn’t really show much about those topics.

Socio-economic status — This selfie doesn’t really show my economic status either, but the gym itself looks fairly nice and you can see that I’m holding a smart phone, so you can rule me out from the poor social status.

Sexuality — Boxing is a fairly manly and testosterone driven sport. I also posted this selfie because it looked pretty manly when I took it too. So from this photo I would hope it looks aesthetically pleasing to the opposite sex.

Gender — As stated before boxing is a pretty manly sport and helps proves one’s male dominance over others.

Origins, Race, Ethnicity —This photo shows my mom who is half Filipino and Caucasian. She is my origin.

Socio-economic status — This selfie also doesn’t really show my economic status, but we are at a fairly nice restaurant wearing some fairly nice clothing. You can judge my economic status for yourself, but that is not my focus in this selfie.

Sexuality —You can really tell my sexuality in this photo at all, it’s just a photo of my mom and myself.

Gender —I would like to hope that I look like a guy in this photo to the viewers. I don’t really have my male parts showing in this selfie.

Origins, Race, Ethnicity — You can’t fully tell what my race origin or ethnicity in this photo because there is nothing to go off of except for my face. But you can guess, you just wont be fully sure though.

Socio-economic status — This selfie doesn’t really show my economic status, but I am in a fairly nice car with a fairly nice jacket on.

Sexuality —Again you can’t tell my sexuality based on this photo because it’s just a picture of me and my bros.

Gender — From my facial hair you can tell I’m a guy.


What aspects of your identity are visible? What aspects of your identity or not visible? How do your selfies produce or obscure a sense of your identity?

From the photos I have shared, you can tell that I am a guy, some type of asian, not poor, have friends, get my 30 minutes of physical activity each day, that I like my mom, I like food, and that I am a student.

You can’t fully know that I am straight, my exact race, my exact economic status, and everything else that there is no proof of in the pictures.

My selfies produce an identity that I’m a friendly guy (because I play with with my food and have friends), I’m a mommas boy (because I shared a selfie with my mom), and that I like physical activity (because of my post training selfie).

I have no selfie that obscures my true identity because I despise posers.


So What? Why is this significant in relationship to how others see you? How do you think your identity is different from your parents’ generation?

It is significant to how others see me because I publicly shared these photos on my SnapChat. So people can basically judge me off these photos if they choose to.

My identity is different from my parents’ generation because it’s more public thanks to social media and that I am my own person.


Now What? How does thinking about your identity, single stories and stereotypes inform how you think about the students you are working with in the community?

From looking deeper into my own identity and learning about single stories and stereotypes; I can better my judgement in knowing that there is more than meets the eye. It’s not my right to judge someone whom I truly do not even know.