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Magda Bellanova and a client in Bellanova Beauty Lab in Brooklyn, NYC

It’s been known to…

by Deirdre Towers

Imagine a facial so relaxing you feel wise, opened, and tall!

That’s how I felt when I left Bellanova Beauty Lab in Brooklyn yesterday, October 2, 2019, as the first client to experience Magda Bellanova’s newly acquired skills in Sculptural Lifting Massage. Bellanova learned this technique from a Russian named Yakov Gershkovich. Gershkovich massages the face, jaw, neck, and upper back to trigger lymphatic drainage and a surge of energy. The esthetician puts on surgical gloves and their fingers inside the mouth to manipulate the muscles close to the bone.

“Gershkovich’s massage complements my own massage approach, “ says Bellanova, “because it follows the correct path of muscles of the face-neck and décolletage. This technique allows me to reach the inner muscles of the mouth balancing the client’s psycho-emotional state by releasing inner blocks and melting away anxiety and stress.”

Amazingly efficient, this method of natural rejuvenation should bring more men into beauty labs! Who couldn’t benefit from relief from occasional bouts of anxiety and stress.

The opposite of Botox, this natural approach is liberating and retrains the muscles taut from years of tension, grinding your teeth at night, and other habitual expressions. As we know beauty is not only “skin deep,” so why not explore ways to remove anything that may block the beam of your radiance.

As someone who suffered inflammations so severe as to require cortisone shots, I have sought out skin specialists for decades. Once the acne and the scars subsided, of course, dehydration raced in to grab my attention. Having enjoyed greater results with skin care estheticians than dermatologists, Georgette Klinger was initially the skin care salon that salvaged my skin. While many others have won my applause, from Georgia Louise to Tracie Martyn, Magda Bellanova, a young ebullient woman from northern Italy, gets my top vote. Bellanova delights in combing the market for new products, scientific breakthroughs, and, ways to open the chakras while cleansing the face, to combine science and sensuality for the best results.

Being a dancer, I especially appreciate Bellanova’s passion for her art. Born and raised in Vicenza, Italy, she became a Licensed Esthetician in her hometown, mastered holistic skincare, and manual therapies such as lymphatic drainage and connective tissue massage. In Italy, Estheticians are required to also study massage therapy in their training. She moved to New York City when she turned 24 to study at Christine Valmy International School and then became licensed in the state of New York.

Now being marketed by Bellanova as “Bella Sculpted, Sculptural Lifting & Buccal Massage” this facial ties in with recommendations to try yoga for your face and neck. I can’t resist sticking my tongue out to the ceiling and wagging it like a dog from side to side when I am alone in the elevator. That is supposed to keep your neck muscles awake. Combine the yoga with this check massage (buccal stems from the latin word bucca, for cheek) and who knows what your third eye might see...

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Writer/Choreographer produced LA CHANA, the award-winning documentary, the Dance on Camera Festival (1994–2012), and Bell 8 Installations.

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