My Top 5 Podcasts

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I spend a lot of time commuting during the week and during that time I enjoying catching up with a few up my favorite business/personal development podcasts. So here they are, in no particular order.

  • My Taught You” — Myleik Teele: I found Myleik’s podcast in 2015 after stumbling across her Instagram one night. Myleik is the founder of the subscription service CurlBox and is passionate about the empowerment of young black women. She shares career and life advice that will get you all the way together. Her honesty and transparency has made her a mentor to many of her listeners. Recently, she’s devoted time to interviewing industry experts on how they came to be successful. Have your pens and journals ready for this one. Favorite Episode: POP UP PODCAST: A Letter for Late Bloomers & Comparison
  • Black Girl Boss” — Tatum Temia and Milan Mobley: I just recently discovered this podcast, so I’m still catching up on the episodes. It has become an instant favorite because it’s like having a conversation with your two best friends. Tatum and Milan, both in their twenties, share their experiences on the road of entrepreneurship, both good and not so good. Even if you’re not considering entrepreneurship, they drop gems that are useful to any young professional. Again, have those pens and journals ready. Favorite Episode: Black Girl Boss Essentials (Episodes 17–21)
  • Style Your Mind” — Cara Alwill Leyba: Life Coach and Author Cara Alwill Leyba posts empowering content centering around designing and living your best life. I’ve followed Cara on social media for a while and have read a few of her books. Her messages of self empowerment remain a consistent source of inspiration to me. I usually listen to her podcast while I’m preparing for my week. Favorite Episode: Episode 9: How to Deal With Negative People and Internet Trolls
  • hey, girl” — Alex Elle: Alex Elle, best selling author and self care guru, interviews women on various topics that we don’t talk about enough. I’ve been a fan of Alex and her work since the early days of her career and journey. Her passion for self care inspired me to pay more attention to taking care of myself. In each episode, women share intimate stories about their life on everything from loss to activism. I always end up feeling uplifted after listening. Favorite Episode: Episode 6: Roe on Minimalism and Episode 9: Valencia on Teaching as Activism
  • Dreams In Drive” — Rana Campbell: Each week Rana, sits down with various creatives who are at the top of their fields. They share their highs and lows on the road to success and tips for young professionals. Rana does a wonderful job of relating each persons story to her life and the lives of her listeners. I found this podcast in February when Rana interview Necole Kane and became a fan. Favorite Episode: On Figuring It All Out (When Your Dreams Don’t Go As Planned)

What are some of your favorite podcasts?

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