Weekly 10-hour Journal Update

Time Log

Total Class Time: 4.5 hours

Reading time: 3 hours

National Gallery of Art: 2 Hours

Outside Study, including assignments and conversations: 3.5 Hours

Total: 13 hours

Assignment #1 Response Questions:

  1. The most important thing to Achilles is honor. Honor is a very valuable thing and it shows the level of maturity in Achilles. He believes in respecting people and receiving the same respect back.
Never when the Achaeans sack any rich city of the Trojans do I receive so good a prize as you do, though it is my hands that do the better part of the fighting. When the sharing comes, your share is far the largest, and I, forsooth, must go back to my ships, take what I can get and be thankful, when my labour of fighting is done. Now, therefore, I shall go back to Phthia; it will be much better for me to return home with my ships, for I will not stay here dishonoured to gather gold and substance for you.”

The most important thing to Agamemnon, is his prize, his reward. In this case, it’s a girl. It doesn’t matter which girl, as long as he has one to show his pride and feed his ego.

With these words he sat down, and Agamemnon rose in anger. His heart was black with rage, and his eyes flashed fire as he scowled on Calchas and said, “Seer of evil, you never yet prophesied smooth things concerning me, but have ever loved to foretell that which was evil. You have brought me neither comfort nor performance; and now you come seeing among Danaans, and saying that Apollo has plagued us because I would not take a ransom for this girl, the daughter of Chryses. I have set my heart on keeping her in my own house, for I love her better even than my own wife Clytemnestra, whose peer she is alike in form and feature, in understanding and accomplishments. Still I will give her up if I must, for I would have the people live, not die; but you must find me a prize instead, or I alone among the Argives shall be without one. This is not well; for you behold, all of you, that my prize is to go elsewhither.”

2. What kind of person is Achilles?

From Book I, I can tell that Achilles is a fair ruler. He doesn’t seem to rule through his pride and ego but rules through what is best for his people. He seems like a very loving and gentle person. You can tell that he values family from the way to talks to his mother. Achilles is prideful, ambitious and hardworking. He also seems be to a logical thinker.

What kind of person is Agamemnon?

Agamemnon seems very rash. He seems to act on emotions. He reminds me of a little boy who throws a tantrum when he doesn’t get his way. He’s egotistical and prideful. He seems like a very strong person, a natural ruler.

3. How does one decide how much a person is worth?

When I learned the word Homophron class, I immediately thought of my friend, Eric. Since the first time I talked to him, we’ve been on the same page with our thinking. It’s rare that a meet people who think like me. I’m an old OLD soul so its hard to find like minded people.

At first he thought I was talking about a person’s wealth, so he said you measure it in assets, clothes, businesses. Then he said you measure a person’s worth by their values. You measure it by their actions, by how well they think out situations. We then preceded to talk about folks in our lives that we thought were very worthy people. That’s another way to determine a person’s worth: by looking at who they model their lives after.

Assignment #2

Monday morning, I took a trip to the National Gallery of Art on the National Mall. It was one of the coolest experiences ever. I wish I had more time! I could spend hours in a museum but I had class soon after so I had to cut my trip short.


This statue is called “The Greek Slave” by Hiram Powers 1851. To me, this statue is the spitting image of love! What stuck out to me the most, is her demeanor. Like she’s a slave to love. She looks vulnerable, gentle, scared, but willing and eager. Like she’s in love. Her nakedness adds to it even more. Her body language shows no resistance. I believe that she fell in love with her tyrant, her master. The power of love can make you not see certain things. The power of love masks her resistance.


This is a Kaufman federal style dining table. This piece reminded me of family. Long dinner tables reminds me of Christmas dinner when the whole family comes to share gifts, smiles and love. The power of love can overcome family issues, personal problems and more. Love gives you hope and guidance. Love gives you advice. Love gives you a great fulfilling meal.


This is George W. Vanderbilt. Whistler, James McNeill: American, 1834–1903. I saw this man looking at me from down the hall way. He looked at me as if he had stopped in his tracks, in awe of my beauty. I did the same. We stared at each other from 100 feet away and I felt like I was in the cobble stone streets of France. His handsome physique and the charm that leaped from the canvas made me feel like I was in a dream. Like I was looking into the eyes of a romance from a past life.

I have no idea who this man is. I don’t know why he’s important. I just know that any girl would be lucky to be his.

Looking at him, I felt love. Intimate, true love. The love in his eyes conquered the whole gallery. I felt like I wasn’t even there. That’s how strong the power of love is. Maybe he’s just cute.

Assignment #3

  1. What is a hero?

A hero is someone who has a positive influence in the world, or in someone’s life directly. However, positive influence can be subjective. Hitler was hero to many. Were his values morally wrong? Yes.

A positive, socially and correct, hero typically saves the lives of others. Heroes usually comes to the aide of others and helps relieves misery. Heroes do some action that others look up to and use for motivation and inspiration. A hero’s looks and appearance are also subjective. My heroes tend to look like myself. Heroes make me feel like anything is possible. I get that feeling when the person looks like myself. For example, a female or a person of African descent. They also wear whatever they want because my heroes are confident in themselves.

A hero’s values usually include: educating oneself, passion towards others, sacrificing, leadership, etc. Things that one a selfless human being. Of course, a hero 9/10 will have values that are simlilar to ours, if not we wouldn’t see them as heroes. For an example, I see Barack Obama as a hero because he stands for the same values: democratic values. People see Donald Trump as a hero, the savior of the nation because they share the same values: republican values.

There are a bunch of poems written about my heroes, or people like my heroes.

  • When URE Hero Falls by Tupac Shakur
  • The Conqueror Worm by Edgar Allan Poe
  • The Blackbirds are Rough Today by Charles Bukowski
  • Ain’t I A Woman by Maya Angelou

2. In Book V, Diomedes was basically taking Trojan names! He was kicking butt! He is basically the guy from 300! He seems to have the godliest techniques with his sword, dodging blows and chopping off heads! Diomedes if definitely a hero to his people! He stood by and sacrificed his body/life for the survival of his people.


I truly enjoy this class! Being in this class makes me feel like I’m in college. You know, the college experience that we hear about where you get to THINK and connect experiences to everyday life. That’s this class. I WANT to get up and come to class everyday. I want to participate. I want to get to know others and learn their stories and hear what they are thinking. I’m excited for the weeks to come!

I wish I would have been better prepared. That way I could have put in more time and sincere effort into connecting the Iliad to my personal life.

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