Why Monzo will blow Atom out of the water
Dave Tonge

Fantastic example with practical comparison after comparison what shifting to a genuinely person centred approach can deliver when you focus on solving real problems for people, making their lives more convenient and remove friction in their lives and give them more control and ability to get things done. My wife lost two of her cards yesterday while away with my son. It took about an hour to get it resolved via traditional channels available, a period of uncertainty which will be followed by a week or so of uncertainty as we track any inappropriate use and wait for new cards to arrive.

We spend our time finding simple ways to improve convenience reduce friction and effort for individuals and the organisations that serve them what ever aspect or context of their life that is in.

It sounds to be like Mondo is going to be seen as what is being called an Exponential Organisation with 10x growth and following the approach to achieving this effortlessly.

I see this approach to solving peoples problems not as “#fintech” but #peopletech using the notion of person centred design where the empowerment to act is core to the approach. Blending services and tools across all aspects of one’s life prevents artificial boundaries designed to suit brands not people from existing.

We are looking at Mondo API’s to see how they can be plugged into the Mydex API’s to enable new information flows to support and empower individuals manage their life on and offline.

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