DejaLu: A brand new Sidebar

The latest Beta of DejaLu is out with awesome new features…
Thanks to all our Beta testers, we received great feedback and were able to improve and make DejaLu even better. Here’s what we improved:


We added a beautiful new sidebar panel with folders to easily organise and filtered folder emails. You can now easily access your different accounts and manage more clearly your emails.

Simply manage and show/hide the sidebar by clicking on Window. This allows you to simply customize your email client look and preferences.

Window > Show/Hide Sidebar

Favorite Folders

You can add any folder to your favorites and access your filtered emails.

Simply right-click on any folder that you would like to add to your favorite. You can then easily access your favorite folders and your filtered emails. This feature allows you to keep track of your new filtered emails so you can always view and access them on your main folder while keeping the sidebar free of clutter.

Save A Single Attachment

Right-clicking on an attachment will now let you save an attachment individually instead of having to save or download all the attachments at once. To do so, simply select and right-click on any attachment to save it on it’s own.

Delete toolbar button

We also added a button to delete message in the toolbar.


We improved stability, fixed some bugs and made visual improvements.

How to get it?

If you already have DejaLu, use menu DejaLu > Check for updates within the app or you can download it on the website.

Feel free to send feedback and report issues.
Send an email to

We hope you enjoy DejaLu!

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