DejaLu: Amazing Labels

Folders popover

Despite on the sidebar, you can easily access your different accounts, folders and labels by simply clicking on your account at the top left corner. A popover will appear.

Access your current account main folders as well as all your accounts easily. Scroll down to select the account you wish to switch to.

  • Click on the name of the account to select the account’s inbox
  • Click on the arrow to show the folders / labels of a specific account.

Labels of a specific account

Simply scroll down to see your folders and labels.

Labels preferences

Access the preferences of your labels by clicking on the “setting wheel” at the top right corner.

Add or remove labels easily: You can easily create, by clicking on “+” and use labels to organize your emails into different categories. All the labels work like folders but you can add more than one to an email. To delete, select the label you wish to delete and click on “-“

Note: Removing labels will just remove the labels from your messages but your messages will remain in your inbox or within another assigned label.

You can also access the DejaLu Preferences panel by using the menu
DejaLu > Preferences.

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