‘Unleashed’: ISIS’ Refugee Crisis in Europe
Darren Hertenstein

I truly wonder why not one person is asking the question as to why their Arab / Muslim brothers and sisters aren’t receiving any of these “refugees”. Not one refugee is being sent to Saudi Arabia, Quatar, the UAE at large. I thought Islam is a religion of peace, prosperity, brotherhood, and all the usual accolades that are ascribed to it, which would make it all the more natural and morally intuitive for these people to move to lands where they know the local culture and can thus assimilate much more quickly to further their life goals, etc. Instead, it appears that all these people are moving to Central Europe, about as counter intuitive to their needs as possible, whilst putting the burden of this assimilation on to European folks. Also, it is interesting that no one has mentioned or discussed the need for strong shows of force against the perpetrators of these crimes so as to eliminate or minimize to the extent possible, the need for a “refugee” crisis in first place. I am quite dumbfounded as to the complete lack of any true leadership by the supposed elite minds of our respective governments.

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