(I initially wrote this a few years back on my old blog. Reposting here because, well, I still have the same views).

My job wouldn’t exist without user feedback. I am constantly trying to improve on the type of questions I ask, but so far I have a definitive list for“good to ask” and “never ask”. This is specifically referring to interviewing users who are familiar with the platform.

Never ask

  1. “How can we improve our product?” Almost every user will have an answer to this one. Power users could talk to me about these for hours. But as a…

Super Bowl comes to San Francisco in two weeks. I’m not into it. Neither are you? Great! Here are totally random 10 Super Fun things we can do instead (well, not together, you do your own thing and I’ll do mine…).

  1. Wine tasting in a 13th century Tuscan castle (replica) in Napa Valley. This thing is real and awesomely cheesy. And if you don’t like it, you’re in Napa so you’ll have fun no matter what.
  2. Turn off your phone and re-connect with mother nature while enjoying a quiet hike (and probably zero traffic on the way there and back)…

Dejana Bajic

I wear flowers in my hair. Product gal @Yelp. Mama. Cookie monster.

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