• Flaviu Simihaian

    Flaviu Simihaian

    co-founder and CEO @TroyMedicare focused on removing the B.S. in healthcare

  • Angus Mak

    Angus Mak

    Lullabot. Web Developer by Day, Dog Trainer by Night. I rant about web development, dog training, schutzhund and other random and not so random things.

  • dogo


    dogo is free-to-use software that helps you get feedback on your pitch deck and share it with investors

  • Murray Newlands

    Murray Newlands

    Contributor Forbes, Entrepreneur Mag. Staff run, tweets from Murray are signed -mn. #MUSTREAD #motivation #leadership #bookclub #books

  • Rita Farruggia

    Rita Farruggia

    I create content strategies to create high volume engagement for Facebook pages.Visit me now at http://t.co/Mjqy9tQW

  • mindyourmind


    Official profile of mindyourmind, a national mental health program for young people, located in London, Ont. http://bit.ly/rLgdbq. Not monitored 24/7.

  • Stacey Grewal

    Stacey Grewal

    Founder of The Work From Home CEO. Author. Stay at home entrepreneur and mother of 3 smart boys, wife to 1 great guy. Miles to go before I sleep.

  • Rachel Klarfeld

    Rachel Klarfeld

    Wine. Dine. Recline. Talent Ambassador .@nitropdf

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