What to do if you’re in San Francisco and NOT watching the Super Bowl

Dejana Bajic
Jan 23, 2016 · 3 min read

Super Bowl comes to San Francisco in two weeks. I’m not into it. Neither are you? Great! Here are totally random 10 Super Fun things we can do instead (well, not together, you do your own thing and I’ll do mine…).

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  1. Wine tasting in a 13th century Tuscan castle (replica) in Napa Valley. This thing is real and awesomely cheesy. And if you don’t like it, you’re in Napa so you’ll have fun no matter what.
  2. Turn off your phone and re-connect with mother nature while enjoying a quiet hike (and probably zero traffic on the way there and back) at Muir Woods national park.
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3. Wanna stay in the city? Cool beans! (who says that any more?) Let’s hit the best coffee shop in town, Four Barrel. I’ll be there! Not in your hood? Fine. Check out the best coffee IN YOUR HOOD then.

4. In the mood for shopping? I bet you the mall and all the stores will be open and empty.

5. Feeling cultural? Cultured? Cultivated? Obviously I’m none of those… Museums, academy, zoo, or exploratorium then it is! Fun!

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6. Haven’t seen the Star Wars yet? Or just want popcorn and beer? You can have it all. This is it.

7. Ride the cable car to Ghirardelli square! My theory is that there will be very little non-football tourists in the city because, well, no room for them. Pro tip: if you’re at Powell station, walk up Union St to Swarovski store stop. No one is usually ever there and you get to hop on the car right away.

8. Eat lunch at the Ferry Building. Get more coffee at Blue Bottle. Buy fancy cheese and olive oil.

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9. Two more? Ok I got this. Take a self-guided tour of Mission murals. Eat a burrito or two while you’re at it. Then there’s Tartine and BiRite and Dandelion chocolate factory and renovated Dolores park and… what more could you want?!

10. IKEA.

Let’s go Raptors, let’s go!

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