Are you really a full-stack developer?
Tosho Trajanov

In other words, Jack of all trades, master of none. :)

In my personal experience, I have faced situations where back-end developers claim they are good with front-end technologies just because they have done one or two front-end projects and all went well (or vise-versa). That doesn’t means that your code is good. You need to have the exact experience (hours spent) as you have in your main technology before you can call yourself a full-stack dev…

In my 7 years of experience as a mobile dev, I always claim that I am an expert for projects done in Xcode or Android Studio, BUT if something is urgent I can support in PHP, Angular 2, Javascript etc.(which gives people in mind that I am no expert in those fields, but I have used those languages in the past in a couple occasions and the syntax is clear to me).

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