Focus sessions are an alternative way to find ideas and improvement suggestions together with stakeholders.

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More than a year ago I was asked to redesign an internal Web application at trivago. Without knowing the design problems or having research data or some kind of a strategic brief, it was hard to start. …

A case study about redesigning the item element of the hotel search result list on trivago’s website.

A few months ago, we at trivago — the hotel metasearch website — established the first version of the styleguide and the pattern library by using the Atomic Design methodology. This was a reference for redesigning the company’s products, including the hotel search website — the trivago’s core product.


Shortly after introducing our first pattern library, developers renewed the CSS core of the hotel search website and migrated it into the pattern library under the project name Ironman. Christoph Reinartz documented the whole Ironman process. Ironman was a necessary step for further design updates.

Ironman was a shift from the fractured design full of inconsistencies, accessibility problems, and sustainability issues to the design system, based on the atomic design philosophy and common design language. …

Few weeks ago I received another e-mail in which someone was asking me about pixelated image effect that can be seen on my portfolio website. Now I decided to write an article about it with Žiga (friend who coded my website) and shortly describe pixelated overlay method that was used and that gave images “pixelation effect”.

Why to Use Pixelated Overlay?

The main reason was that we wanted to create high-resolution, transparent layer of pixels that would separate foreground from the background, according to the visual style of the website. …


Dejan Ulcej

UX Architect @trivago

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