How to Make PPC Clients Happy! A Proposal for an Advertising Agency

This is quite a complicated question, but very common amongst marketing professionals that are running an advertising agency.

An experienced and professional pay per click (PPC) firm managing multi-national projects can help you in achieving your goals easily. This is because they have experienced individuals that understand the nature of different industries and companies. They are able to work with numerous clients that have different advertising budgets, whether they are high or low, and still perform.

There’s a reason why businesses choose professional agencies to compliment their marketing — because professional agencies have their own tricks, skills, and ideas to help their clients with their PPC services.

From my years of experience, I have planted and tried out a few things that every marketers can use to enhance their paid advertisements. Here are a few ways to put that smile on your client’s face!

#1. Create PPC Campaign Performance Reports:

Performance reports are one of the most significant elements that every PPC professional should create. They need to be accurate, informative, and well-structured, so that your clients are able to easily understand the metrics and performance of their PPC campaigns.

It’s important for us to provide an in-depth PPC report for them that accurately depicts their spending, ROI, and performance. In fact, a good report can show the great improvements and results you’ve generated for their business through PPC campaigns. So, how can we get a proper report together?

At the beginning of my career, I too believed that it was very easy to put together a report with the help of Google AdWords or Bing AdCenter. However, I realized that reporting can be very time consuming because both Google and Bing’s advertising platform have their own limitations and gains. Therefore, creating a template can save time and allow your reports to look consistent.

There are a variety of tools online that can provide extensive AdWords reporting on the market. From Swydo to WordStream, they are all easy to use and provide a detailed analysis of your AdWords and PPC.

However, it’s important that you look into the different features of the tools to see if it’s suitable for your business. Here are a few things you should look at:

  1. Accuracy
  2. Price
  3. Customer reviews
  4. User-Friendly Interface
  5. Detailed Report
  6. Ability to customize
  7. Easy to use

After you’ve chosen a reporting software that suits your need, you can link your AdWords account and reporting tool through API. This way, all the performance of the campaign will be fetched into the reporting tool and generate a report.

Most of the reporting tools are proving the service such as “customizing the report”, so you can prepare the report as your wish with client’s required metrics!

#2. Measure and Demonstrate the Paid Leads briefly for Clients

Client: Okay, I have been spending X number of dollars for my business advertising and here my question is what I got from this??

A perfect question, since the client running paid advertising with us; we are responsible persons to demonstrate his advertising success rate. The questions like ‘what is my CPL for last 6 months’ or ‘provide me the complete campaign performance report of previous year’, raised by a client to an agency and do you think advertising firms are spending too much time for preparing these kind of analysis report?

No… there are other ways that we can simply provide a historical data.

For this purpose we can use Inbound Marketing software. They are providing a complete performance analysis report as per our needs. Below listed are the top leading Inbound Marketing softwares,

Google AdWords and Bing AdCenter are the best free tools which you can use for analyzing conversions but we prefer to using AdLuge, HubSpot or Marketo, so that we can analyze the actual conversions, source or medium of each leads, the path followed by each lead during conversion, etc. Also we can see the complete overview report of all paid campaigns that are running on different platform in a single window instead of log on to each advertising platforms.

These tools are differentiating the conversions as per Medium, so that we can easily identify number of conversions through paid medium and the we can calculate ROI easily.

Also we could able to provide the entire campaign performance to the client with details such as Spend, Clicks, Conversions through form and phone and cost per conversion.

#3. Engage and Communicate with Client

Communication is another important aspect of being a top-notch PPC Agency. Every agency ought to build better relationship with the client by engaging with them. Even you have a lot of clients in your MCC, make a feel to all your client that they are your number one priority. For this, you should have a communication plan and need to schedule your meeting accordingly.

So, do we note these meeting schedules anywhere??

Yeah, we recommend the same. So that, we can communicate with client and send reports easily. Below listed are the tools we are referring for this purpose,

  • Google Keep
  • Google Calendar
  • Toodledo

#4. PPC Recommendations and New opportunities Innovation

Hmm… Until now, we had a helping hand from third party tools to organize things. But now, we need to work little more. Because recommendations and new opportunities innovations are adjudicating future hangout of clients with an agency, so we need to regularly come-up with new suggestions and prospects.

Does anyone help me out for this??

Believe in your professionals and use the Google maximum :P. Also here are the few potential suggestions from my end that would be helps to prepare a standard and significant recommendations.

i. Keywords Excerption

Monitor the campaigns regularly and find out which search term is getting clicks. Keeping the same list of keyword for a long term is not a good idea and it may cause increased the advertising spend without any increment in conversion and CPL. so I recommend to keep an eye on keywords which is added on each campaign and pause the keywords which have high CPC without any conversions. Also try to include long-tail search queries in its keyword list. This will brings you more clicks for low CPC.

For finding the better search queries which is reliable for landing pages, I recommend to have a look on the ‘Search Terms’ tabs in Google AdWords. From there we could know that which search term leads to user click. If those queries already added in our keyword list, there it will be show ‘Added’ otherwise just ‘None’ as listed below,

Campaigns — -> Dimensions — -> View — -> Search terms

Also use the leading keyword search tool such as Google Keyword Planner, WordStream, Wordtracker etc… These all tools will helps to sort-out a perfect keyword list.

ii. New campaign creation

It’s better to create new campaigns according to seasonal or festivals. An ideal PPC professional agency should be understood every seasonal changes and festival engagements. So that they can create/recommend new campaigns for their particular clients who can use this opportunity very well. This seasonal campaigns will helps to extend the maximum business for a client.

iii.Landing Page Optimization

As the landing pages are created for a specific goals, make sure that each campaign’s landing pages are performing better than usual regular Web Pages in terms of conversion. We can improve the landing page experience by providing relevant and original content, easy navigation and eye catching web design.

Here is the Google’s official link about landing page experience:

Organize everything to best simulate a visitor’s experience on a landing page from first click to final conversion. Let’s look at the various considerations when building a landing page,

  • Understand Your Target Market
  • Setup Actionable Analytics
  • Make Sure Your Ad’s Message Matches The Landing Page
  • Evaluate Your Landing Page’s First Impression
  • Does Your Page Have Emotional Resonance?
  • Craft A Clear & Compelling Value Proposition
  • How Will Images Reinforce The Message?
  • Should We Create an Explainer Video?
  • The Importance of Social Proof, Authority & Testimonials
  • Does The Copy writing Make You Want To Read More?
  • Does Your Call To Action Communicate Clearly?
  • Start A/B Testing

Read more about each strategy @

iv. Competitor Analysis

Competitive research should be a part of every advertising program and it is especially important in the competitive world of PPC. So create a complete plan, by using the competitor analysis tools and perform PPC competitive research. Meet the client with a Strategic Competitive Research & Analysis Plan and notify them what their competitors are doing uniquely (offers or discounts) and how they getting more business.

There are many free and paid competitive analysis tools available in online and the data provided by those will vary, so use the suggestion as a benchmark for future planning and present the same to the client. Below listed are the top 3 competitor analysis tools,

Include competitor research as a part your PPC strategy and makes sure you look at competitor research with an investigate eye. Based on this we can determine the best ways to move forward.


Since the clients are KING always, it’s our privilege to keep them with us by providing a very best service. So instead of explaining all the technical terms we need to picturize their advertising performance with a simple user friendly format. This may make our client more happy, because the majority client’s wants to know what is their ROI instead of how many impression/clicks their ads have.