An immigrant's son. You will never know what it's like. 
Do you know what it means to stand in the shadow of a legacy?

This man left a country that was nothing 30 years ago and is still nothing today. He built a life on sheer power of will not my grandfather's investments. On happenstance, being in the right place at the right time and showing up time and time again.


Mistakes are not allowed when you're an outcast.

You must out perform the accepted but be sure not to step on the wrong toes. 
You must accept the prejudice and oppression. Be patient and when results are all that matter, make your move.

Imagine being successful but not being able to enjoy it. Not because you do not want to but because your life's experiences have conditioned you to the point where you do not have the capacity.

I was raised by a man who came from nothing and made something. A man who grew up sleeping on a floor and when he woke up he went to work then to school. 50 years later he can choose not to go into the office and remotely manage his 3 staffs of employees on 3 continents.

I'm the son of this immigrant who does not believe he is successful. Can you imagine what his idea of his son's success would be?

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