Give Love like a river.

Let it flow in plentitude, let it nourish the meek and assist those who are thriving.

Let it flow back to the place from whenst it came.

There is no shame for recognizing and advising.

Love is water, love is food.

Let it tilt your mood but do not fear it, love is tuned to the frequency where we do not hear it.

We feel it, in the pulse of the beating drum. We move to different tempos but we’re playing the same song.

Love is patience. Love is freedom. Love is three little birds sitting by my doorstep. It is a song that if left unsung will leave pain & darkness forever possibilities untold. Love does not get old. No matter how many times you’ve been there you’ll take that ticket in the front row.

We love, we laugh, we cry

The sentiment and thirst for adventure will not die.

Oh, there goes my love now and I’ve got a ticket to ride on a two way street where we make each other feel like we can fly.

For Ani(8.15.16)