We are the black team. The main goal of our team will be to hold each other accountable, since it’s hard for Don to do that with entire class.

As of right now, these are our current projects:

Tyler- Self Defense Education for Children

Nick- Learning to Paint with Watercolor/Starting a Vending a Business

Luna- Learning how to Teach Art

Deshaun- Melted Bullet Necklaces (Luna is painting them)

Gavin- Creating music to put in a demo to send to a record label

Mini projects we could work on:

Late night art classes- Luna gives art lessons under the moonlight… ha get it? Forest Park. Midnight. Only cost is for art supplies.

Tai Chi in the park- Tyler leads a calming class for the stressed out. In Forest Park.

Photography classes in Downtown Noblesville- Nick teaches people how to take pretty pictures in scenic downtown Noblesville.

Music on the square- Open Mic shows in the lawn near the old courthouse.

Backup plan for down days:

Audio Art Gallery- In a two week time period, Gavin writes and records 5 songs. Nick and Luna create 5 visual works of art. At the end of the two weeks, they trade what they made, and make art based off of the art they receive. Tyler and Deshaun will be the “management”, finding a location to display the work when finished and arranging the equipment needed.

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