Bad Girl For Life: Why the Bad Boy Family Reunion Tour Was Everything

The Bad Boy Family Reunion Tour gave me so much LIFE last night. I’m telling you I woke up this morning 15 again and I am all the better for it.

So let’s talk about how P. Diddy, Puff Daddy, Puffy, the ghetto fabulous Berry Gordy, the illustrious Mr. Sean Jean Combs hosted a basement party for 15,000 of his closet friends and I was lucky enough to be in attendance. Last night, the tour made its DC stop at the Verizon Center. The show was mostly frills free with only a few pyrotechnics — but let’s be clear this show was about NOSTALGIA (exception French “one of these is not like the others why you always in pajamas” Montana).

Last night, Diddy was doing the magic only he could do. This dude resurrected Black Rob and DMX in one night. If he had brought Craig Mack, or Lil’ Cease on the stage it would shut the entire city down; the takeaway being Diddy is in fact chocolate Harry Potter.

Lil’ Kim — Bad Boy Family Reunion Tour

So going into this show I had been pretty stressed from work and school. Suffice to say, I needed a release but this was like jumping into the DeLorean and traveling back to a time that was simpler in some ways and harder in others. When Bad Boy hit in 95, my dad was very ill and through their span my mother also fell ill. So in retrospect I think my love for all things Bad Boy and hip-hop in general was tied to finding some consistency, solace, and a space to fuel my over active imagination and creative mind.

I’m 35 now and you could not have told me in 96 that by now I wouldn’t be living in New York married to a rapper and running my A&R and production company. It did not unfold that way, but I see so much influence in my life from this music and this Bad Boy culture.

So let’s talk about the show. Diddy obviously put everybody on a plan. He had them walking all the way to Brooklyn to get him cheesecake. The whole line-up looked AMAZING. Total, Ma$e, 112, Faith Evans just been sitting in a time capsule the last 15 years waiting on this performance.

Mas$e - Diddy came through to kick off the show with Mason Betha aka Ma$e who still looks like a 16 year old high school quarterback mixed with a pimp. Dressed in a long white mink coat — he was giving nothing but new money — these bills weren’t from 98 okay lol Ma$e came through looking fresher than your favorite. Still baby-voiced and adorable my crush is reinstated. Awwwww Ma$e.

Bad bad bad bad boy you make me feel so good.

112 — The brothers were in good voice and style. Slim seemed to croon a lot — lyrics be damned but all good we love 112 and they love us back.

Total — Kima, Keisha, an Pam look SO damn good. My girls were bringing hit after hit — with the acoustic classic Kissing You sending the crowed into a frenzy. Pam — still 0% body and still dancing hard as shit. Her ab game knows no limits.

Carl Thomas — So my Chi-town favorite was in full emotional breakdown and it was a beautiful thing. This man has obviously been devastated for 20+ years and we have all reaped the benefits. I too wish I never met her Carl…I feel your pain.

The Lox — Somehow I missed that they were on the lineup. I lost my entire shit. I love Jadakiss so much. I care not that he looks like a milk dud. He is my milk dud and his effortless flow and sick ass swagger. Still in my top 5. Fight me.

Faith Evans — The first lady of Bad Boy could always sing. The fact that she blew the roof off with her vocals goes without saying. Faith is faith and her first album changed my musical life. But can we talk about how she was snatched like the cornrows I got in undergrad when I first crossed AKA. SHE looked capital A-MAZING. Bundles of Peruvian loose wave blowing like the wings of a phoenix — GIVE LIFE FAYE.

DMX — So as if we wasn’t already in a place between heaven and DC’s Dream night club 2001 — Diddy brought out a surprise guest DMX and the whole damn arena went APE SHIT. First of all I’m not clear we knew he was still alive or out of prison or couples therapy or rehab. Nonetheless, like our favorite belligerent uncle, D set the stage on fire with his classics. (Side bar — I’ve seen belly at least 1,363 times).

Lil’ Kim — Can I talk about how much I love this chick? I don’t care about the surgery or her self-esteem issues or any other negative things people want to say about her. This is my chick! The Queen B*tch remains the charismatic little nasty phenomenal MC I met via Junior Mafia in 95. I can wax poetic all day on why I love Kim. Growing up I wanted to embody her style — I had 4 bundles of weave and hazel contacts — that was all Kimberly. Using my internship money buying European labels in Georgetown — that was Kimberly.

I remember buying that Junior Mafia album when I was 14 and when my mom heard the lyrics she made me take it back to Sam Goody in PG Plaza in my catholic school uniform. Thank you Columbia House for the re-up and the stain on my budding credit. Nonetheless, my girl’s influence can still be felt today. She is a star without question and she did it before your favorites (read: Nicki, Amber, any Kardashian or Jenner etc.).

In summary, this came at the right time for me. Super grateful to have been in the building. I am for sure Bad Boy for Life.


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