This week, I had the opportunity to publish articles in Addicted 2 Success on counteracting negative thinking and at Thrive Global on using habits to achieve breakthroughs.

Easter is always a good time of year to reflect on starting anew. There is still enough of the year left to work towards the results you want to create. Moreover there is motivation to pause for introspection on why you want to pursue those goals, and how to align your life with your desires and interests.

In thinking more about my own goals, I found my way back to writing after a hiatus. During this break I focused on why I wanted to write, how regularly I wanted to write, and where I wanted to write. I discovered several things. First, that it made more sense for me to publish articles in other places, because I want to reach many people. In this regard, you’ll see my work in more places, and I’ll email you to send you the links to those articles directly.

Next, I recognized that I did, in fact, want to continue writing about habits and decision-making, resilience and emotional agility, and risk-taking. A few months ago I told you guys I was going to take this blog in a different direction, by focusing on books. I’m not going to do that again. Grinding Out’s focus will remain on deconstructing success, and I’ll continue to feature articles from the places I write , but will pursue that endeavor in another respect. I’ll also keep you posted there.

Lastly, I wanted to thank you all for your continued support and encouragement. I write to help myself as much as I do others, and it feels rewarding to know that I might make positive impact in other people’s pursuits of their aims. So thank you for helping me push past my own limits, discover my breakthroughs through that work, and share any insights I might receive in that regard.

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