Why you should lease Waves to Cryptinwaves

Sep 8 · 3 min read

Leasing Waves gains you revenue over your Waves which is pretty cool if you’re not trading with them or selling them anyway. But leasing Waves also gives you power over the network. For instance if a new feature gets introduced on the Waves network the nodes cast a vote whether the feature should be activated or not. 80% consensus over a time span of 10,000 blocks is needed for activation. And YOU as a lessor hold the power that gives nodes the right to vote. The more Waves a node has leased to it the more voting-power it has.

So, how do you decide what node to lease your Waves to? The payment is pretty much the same for most nodes anyway. So let us try to persuade you to lease your Waves to us with a few arguments.

We are active and transparent node operators

We have been running our node for over a year and all payments are on time, and transparent. You can view the entire payment history in our weekly reports. We also monitor our node closely for forks and crashes, so if we are down it’s never for long!

We are a Waves Ambassador

We have been Waves ambassadors ever since the ambassador program started. As ambassador we try to promote Waves in any way we can and provide support to everyone interested in the Waves ecosystem. As an ambassador we are also white listed to receive WRT (Waves Reward Token). We use all donated WRT to support our node and work for Waves.

We create useful (video)content on Waves

Over the last year we have been writing and making content like our step-by-step node configuration guide. This extensive guide covers all aspects of installing, configuring and managing a Waves Platform node. Even payout scripts, fork recovery and workarounds are being addressed.

We provide you with a handy list of Waves Platform tools and links and we also made some cool video’s on different topics in the Waves ecosystem. Check them out!

Translation of the client, mobile app and Waves Keeper

We have been doing the translation of the Waves client to Dutch right from the start. This is why Dutch was one of the first languages it was available in. We also do the translation of the Waves mobile apps for iOS and Android, and the Waves Keeper browser plugin translation is underway.

Dutch Translation of mastering Web3 with Waves course

The ‘Mastering Web3 with Waves’ course (Stepik course here) has been a great succes in order to attract more developers to the Waves ecosystem. We have translated this course in Dutch and the Medium articles in Dutch can be found here and the Dutch Stepik course here.

Active discussions with the community other nodes

Operating a node comes with responsibilities. In order to make good decisions we are active on Waves Telegram rooms, Waves forum, Reddit and discord and are discussing all kinds of Waves related topics here. This provides us with insights and feedback from the community and other node operators.

Help decentralize the network and more revenue

The Waves network is not as centralized as it used to be anymore. The last few years we have seen a lot more nodes pop up and users switching their leased Waves to them. Cryptin as a node has been a top 25 top top 20 node for a while now and we hope we can persuade users leasing to the top nodes to lease to us. The payment from small nodes is most likely even better because MRT only gets distributed for the first 70 blocks a node mines a day.

Long story short; lease your Waves to our node! :-)

Our Waves lease (LPoS) address: 3PPPTqGUYHJUYqKkRCV3kAS44guun9iN7J8

Or use the alias: cryptinwaves

Like what we do? You can send WRT (Waves Reward Token) to: 3P4ttNa4U4dxmuyaaV51gb7xMTCG8CtXXsR
or use alias ‘cryptin’.


Written by


Waves ambassador. Cryptin Wavesnode operator.

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