Toward a branding groundwork, part 2: Who you are + what you do

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Mar 29, 2018 · 2 min read

Yesterday we began working toward a ground-level understanding of branding, which we defined this way:

Branding is communicating who you are + what you do, to your target customer, in a way that is clear and compelling.

Today, we’re covering who you are + what you do.

When we talk about ‘who you are + what you do,’ we’re talking about your unique product, culture, values, distinguishing features, benefits your product provides — all the things that make you you.

For example, do you make burgers or Italian food? ‘I do burgers.’ Ok, great. Do you cook your burgers on a flattop or a grill? Do you heap on the fixins’ or do the basics with perfection? Is it three pounds of heart attack or a singular, taste-bud experience? Are they $24 or is everything on the value menu? Are you trendy, casual, established, classy, retro, local, vintage, edgy, shabby chic, back-yard, industrial, something else?

Ok, now say that, and say it accurately and appropriately. This is Objective 1A for your brand.

Understanding exactly who you are + what you do will accomplish a number of things:

  1. It will give you definite direction in identifying your brand voice, verbal and visual, explicit and implicit. Certain things — colors, fonts, phrases, words, shapes, elements, etc. — say certain things, and you need to use the things that will accurately and appropriately communicate who you are + what you do.
  2. It will distinguish you from your competitors and position you in your industry. Positioning isn’t the result of effort toward a desired direction; it’s the result of understanding exactly who you are + what you do, and saying that accurately and appropriately.
  3. It will, in large part, define your target market. E.g., do you do burgers? Ok, so your target customers probably aren’t vegetarians, etc., etc.

Which leads us naturally to our next talk…

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