Blog #4 What I think JavaScript is ?

What I personally think or believe of what JavaScript is, that it makes a website more interactive. In other words, javascript makes action to your webpage. It makes the web page capable to respond to the action you make. JavaScript can load images without having to reload the page, add any type of animations or you can create interfaces that react when the you hover over them with a mouse in you web page, like drop down menus and it also store data. Javascript can also validate a user input and restrict and false inputs you program it to. I am sure that all the websites we visit on the web uses Javascript. To be honest I laughed in my head when Zak said our upcoming unit will be JavaScript and it will be fun. That may be true for some because I know you will need to often understand many complex computer science topics and there is a lot of terms to remember, overall it's overwhelming. My past experience with Javascript was frustrating and difficult. If I recall my short experience with javascript correctly, I was able to make the website store data and that data depending on my action will return that data back to me in a form I set it to do. I am familiar with Javascript terms such as Variables, Booleans, Console.log, Arrays, Loops, Node js, JQuery and Strings. Unfortunately I have forgot what each of them do. I hope this upcoming unit will refresh my memory. HTML, CSS, and JavaScript based on my opinion and my past experience with JavaScript, I find JavaScript the hardest to learn out of the three. Compared to learning HTML and CSS it is nothing like JS. Looking back to learning HTML and CSS is very easy to learn. Most of the time it is pretty much straight forward. However, when I first started learning JavaScript I will often get lost or get confused. There is Math in Javascript but more in logic. To me JavaScript is where the real coding begins. I am not sure if it is true but my cousin who guide me to learning coding said that javascript is the hardest because it is mostly where you get paid.

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