This is just a draf

For a story I may write some day

At Miranda State, days before the accident

The voice that tells the story is a boy at the hospital after the amnesia. Actually, the boy should be already in his mother’s house. And he can start to tell the story since the moment he recieves a phone call from his godmother who tells him about a “gilrfriend”: the girl who was with him at the moment of the accident and during all the hospital rally. And also by the days at the hospital, with all of his family. She tells everyone “I’m Vanessa, Eduardo’s girlfriend”. But he doesn’t remember that. He realizes that she’s been introduced to all his family as his girlfried precisely because of that call. The nouvelle is a kind of a billdungsroman . He remembers everything since he lefts his mother’s house for a year after a rave party, and may end when he comes back. He tells that story as he tells what is happening after the phone call (their friend’s visit, the shine on you crazy diamond epiphania, the trip to Los Pinos…) Obviously, the writing resembles a kind of diary, though I think it wouldn’t show any dates.

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