Brave [A Gospel]

This song has been around for a while. Perhaps too long, because I feel I’ve developed a love/hate relationship with her at this point. She has clearly a life of her own and she struggles every time we’ve tried to do something special with her.

She started out as a slow piano ballad, pitched in to the catalogue of my band Sonicfleet. Over the years and within the creative room of our joint work, she has been given unlimited opportunities to dress up in what ever outfit she felt like. We’ve given her different colours, different lengths, different names, but nothing ever suited her. Nothing made her happy.

So, we tried to offer her other friends. “Maybe it’s not her, maybe it’s us?”, we thought to ourselves. We even introduced her to a grand international singer, one of the best (who’s name will remain undisclosed) and a dream come true. Hoping a bigger scene, a larger audience and a female allied could lure out her true potential.

But they didn’t get along, so we took her back.

Now she’s getting ready to leave. Dressed in what started up as a play-and-learn session with some of my new Universal Audio gear. I cleaned her up a little bit first. Gave her a much simpler set of chords and changed the key to A#. The tempo is actually a bit higher than her original pace, but the new chords gives her that slow jam feeling. There’s also some minor lyric changes to enhance the gospel I know she’s been hiding all the way from the start.

Now, I need to let her go.

I can not give her anything else than what I’ve already tried, and to be frank, I’ve always heard another voice than mine to lead her the right way. The voice of a grand international singer, one of the best and a dream come true. Who’s name will remain undisclosed…

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