The Open GLAM Declaration has an immense resource as their starting point, a report prepared by Dr. Andrea Wallace. The report cites several source in the report (around 400).

To make sure that the report gathers around enough sources from different backgrounds, we hired Diego to make a bibliography audit. This is the report from what Diego found.

The data

Open GLAM worked with Zotero. The writers have a group library, and they gave me read access to it. They have multiple collections and subcollections inside the library. …

Update June 8th, 2020: As of today, an unofficial extension is available for Firefox desktop!

Hypothesis is a great web annotation tool that lets you annotate any webpage, and share your annotations publicly, within private groups, or keep them for your own.

Although webpage owners can add the necessary code to enable annotations for anyone visiting their webpages, you can annotate any webpage by simply injecting the necessary code: the Hypothesis client. To do so, the easiest way is to use a browser extension, which is currently only available for Google Chrome.

If you use other browser (e.g. Firefox, Safari)…

Diego de la Hera

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