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TLDR — Share the journey while building your network.

You spend months maybe years building this amazing product and when you launch….nothing…nada…zero…zilch.

It falls on deaf ears, nobody cares about your product…wrong….nobody knows about your product.

It’s soul destroying but what if I told you it didn’t have to be…

TLDR — Don’t put all your eggs in the one basket, make sure you’re driving your Instagram followers to other social networks — Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn (Yes, watch this space), Tumblr, YouTube etc

Instagram was down for some users around the world for several hours, with unidentified technical problems…

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I’m a terrible writer but to be fair I’m getting better (slowly)

Too slowly and that needs to change.

So what’s the problem?

Blank pages scare the shit out of me.

I’m not joking, I get flashbacks of when I was in school sitting for a test I never studied for (most likely Maths). Who needs maths anyways right?

I never know where to start.

What the hell do I write about?

How do I write it?

Excuse after excuse after excuse kept me from ever really starting.

So here I am.


Day one.

David Delahunty

Award Losing Designer. Growth Hacker (I hack trees). Many Fingers in Many Pies (Currently on a diet). The Pied Piper of Social Media.

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