Building a Solution

With each week passing by faster and faster, our team is continuing to make time for weekly meetings in order to meet our deadlines. Our team met last Wednesday as well as this Tuesday to brainstorm and get one step closer to our solution. My favorite thing that I look forward to each meeting that I attend is the fun piece of design that Maria has waiting for us. I feel like the most rewarding part of this experience for me so far has been seeing the talents and knowledge each member brings to the table. Our deadlines may be getting tighter, however we have stayed on track and the ideas have been flowing.

The focus for these two meetings were about implementation and coming up with our solution. We started generating our journey map, which is a new concept to me; however I love the idea that you are able to see all your ideas laid out in such a creative way.

As I mentioned earlier, each team member brings a certain knowledge and passion to the team. For our solution this is going to come in handy, because we are able to see the problem through different lenses and see how it affects the population in a different way. For instance Jessica and I come from the world of nutrition and want to focus on making sure that these kids are getting a well rounded meal. Most of them do not receive this at home and so it is up to us and our team to come up with a way to make sure that these kids are being nourished. Maria is our wonderful design student who brings so much charisma. She always has some cool handout for us and her love of post-its cracks me up. On a serious note, she has met with Georgeanna Smith Wade, the assistant director, of Young Actors Theatre. Maria has worked with several theater companies including YAT. Her approach is to get the children involved with theater possibly putting on a play. Her research has shown that this can give the participants a sense of being needed, their chance for their creativity to shine and a way to escape reality for a little while by playing a character. Tera and Pat bring their expertise, compassion and empathy to the team; they both have the years of experience in the nursing world and Pat has also been a Midwife. They have had their great deal of experiences helping others and being huge advocates on people’s health. Youngbok, our lovely coach, has done a wonderful job at leading us and making us think outside the box. Not only do we have these scopes of practice that we come from, but we are all either sisters, aunt, mothers, friends and members of this community. This drives us to come up with a solution that we can implement and help this serious epidemic before it gets any worse; it is time to take action. I tell you all of this because it ties into what our goal is; we want to find a holistic way to reach these children who are at risk and with our different views this is very possible. We each bring different ideas that can be tied together in order to reach out to these children and make a difference.

Although there are times where we have felt a little lost and wish there was more time, I think we have finally had that “a-ha” moment where everything is finally coming together. It is still crunch time, but with the amount of passion our team has I have no doubt that we are going to finish strong. I am looking forward to these next couple of weeks and what we are going to accomplish!

Things I have learned the past 2 weeks:

• We are not only just a team, we have become a close knit family. I was shown these last few weeks that my team has my back during the tough times.

• Time flies when you’re having fun aka busy.

• Box and Slack can be our best friends as well as our enemy

• We are one step closer to our vision!