Introverts Are People Too, Dammit!

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I don’t have any sort of deep rooted social phobia. I’m fairly capable of functioning in public situations when called upon. I’m not self-centered, uncaring or a hermit. In fact, many people find me quite friendly. But, given a choice I would much rather spend a quiet evening at home (family optional) than to go almost anywhere or converse with almost anyone other than myself. Don’t misunderstand me; I love my family and the handful of close friends I feel blessed to have. I just need my alone time. A lot.

Hello. I’m Delaney and I’m an introvert.

See, introverts gather our energy from ourselves. We tend to become exhausted just by the physical act of being around people. Extroverts, on the other hand, draw energy from others around them. So in a way, we’re self-sufficient, while those other guys suck the life force from anyone in their path. (Not really. A few of my closest friends are extroverts and I love them dearly. One on one time with them is perfectly fine. Enjoyable even. I just can’t spend too much time with a group of them.) It’s why a small gathering will often leave us feeling drained, while an extrovert wants to party until the wee hours.

Introverts sometimes get a bad rap. Between you and me though, I’m convinced such negativity comes from those boisterous extroverts, but who am I to point fingers. We might not be the life of the party, but there are several good things about being introverted.

For starters, we make one hell of a cheap date. Rather than making that awkward offer of going Dutch, we’re perfectly content to forego that embarrassment and go to the movies, even a nice dinner or out for a drink with ourselves. The price of one movie ticket is bad enough. Plus, we’re almost always guaranteed a second date. If we were hoping to get lucky at the end of the night, well, then there’s a pretty good chance that will happen too.

While not usually the speediest decision makers, introverts often make good ones. Or at least well-thought out ones. Once we finally come to a decision on something, whether it’s where to take ourselves out to dinner or a life-altering career change, you can bet we’ve picked apart, rearranged, pieced back together, and then stood back and looked at it from every angle imaginable for a good long while.

It also doesn’t take a lot to entertain us. Studies have shown that we introverts tend to be creative souls. We can sit for hours reading or writing, painting or knitting, learning some new party trick that we’ll have little opportunity to share, because hello! we hate parties, or just contemplating life’s mysteries. We’re some of the world’s greatest thinkers.

While all this might sound like a nightmare for the extroverts out there, we introverted bask in it. Others think we’re a strange breed, and we’re okay with that. It helps to further ensure our personal space. So if you read this and see yourself, smile and know that you’re not alone, even though you’d rather be. And if you’re the opposite and recognize someone you love, hug your introvert, we’re people too. Just make it a quick hug. Maybe ask first. An air hug might be best. Or a high five.

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