My Month of Writing Dangerously

Delaney Croft
Oct 17, 2017 · 2 min read

We’re about two weeks until show time, folks! Are you ready for this?

Thirty days. 50,000 words. For a self-proclaimed slow-ass writer who agonizes over word choice and sentence structure, who can’t seem to turn off her inner editor to save her sometimes dark, demented soul, it’s mind numbing to think I’ll have to if I want to win this crazy thing called NaNoWriMo.

Who’s in it with me?

Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

Look at me, I must be insane. And if I’m not, I surely will be by the end of this.

Nevertheless, I’m doing it. I’ve got my character sheets, a mock up cover for inspiration, a brief premise written. I’ve dutifully set up the outline of my planned scenes for my story in a new Scrivener project. Some research has been done to help with world building. My hope: to head off dreaded writer’s block and to just write!

It seems that all that’s left to do is wait until the clock strikes November 1st and hit the ground writing. At least I know I won’t be alone. Regardless of how crazy November becomes, I’m going to attempt to chronicle my month of writing dangerously. Some days may beget shorter updates than others, because, you know, NaNo writing will be the priority. Hopefully, by the end of it I’ll have a story to share.

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Delaney Croft is an author of urban fantasy and speculative fiction. Occasionally she dabbles in other random stuff. Find her on: Faceboook~@authordelaneycroft
Twitter~@delaneycroft or

Delaney Croft

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Writer. Thinker. Connoisseur of cheap wine. Fan of alter egos. Slight obsession with train graffiti.

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