Culture Design Labs — Evolving the Future
Joe Brewer

This is excellent. I think one of our jobs too, is to apply evolution in the real world and show the dynamic nature of evolution and cultural evolution. Using cultural evolution to solve real world problems is definitely the focus. Creating this support network for academics and practitioners to feel safe to explore this unchartered territory will allow for amazing creation. We create best when we feel safe. I am very excited about this! I am in the works of drafting some cultural design labs myself, as well as introducing cultural evolution to a variety of parties. I think this would be especially fruitful for activists as well. I finally feel awake with my purpose as a researcher and activist. One of the first steps I think, is accessibility. Who is representing academics? Who has access to knowledge? How can we make knowledge and the mechanisms of cultural evolution more available? How can we create safety (in the broadest sense) in uncertain times? How can we, as practitioners and researchers, work together to solve real world problems from a unified methodology of cultural evolution, combining our various backgrounds and perspectives? There exists this separation between activism/social issues and the ivory tower. They must not be separated. Let’s apply great science to the problems we face today, because those are the outcomes we want to get at.