A long way I can say.Today I slept at midnight with plans of waking up at 3 A.M to do my coding involving the tasks I had.But, ooops! I overslept.I came to hear my third and last alarm at 5 A.m. This was the time I bumped straight from bed to bathroom to take a cold birth.At 6 a.m I started going through what I learnt in day two.

I henceforth started working on my day three tasks from 8 a.m. I dived immediately to a task involving binary_search. I quickly remembered how binary search algorithm works.This is from what I studied during the homestudy.I broken the problem into sub-problems and started working on them.The challenge I faced was matching the tests.I admit even this time I still have some problems with TDD but before the week ends , I believe am going to be a master in it.

As usual I learnt many new concepts that I didn’t know before. The major challenge I faced was when submitting my code I was getting an error “An error occured while submitting your scripts”. It really gave me a headache. This server doesn’t understand how I long to join Andela?.

Now tomorrow is day 4 which invoves an assessment.

See you then to share with you how it went.