Day two is here. Yesterday (day one) was swift but hectic.Imagine doing something only to realize things are not working very right?What will you do?Give up?Oooh Nooo! Forget about giving up.Retrying until all is well is the best solution.I started doubting the andelabs servers.There was this car class task that refused to pass a test that was comparing number of wheels.The code was right but,what?Not passing.After I struggled to meet the deadline (4.30 PM), the andelabs servers went down.My code couldn’t be submitted.This made me get worried of being scrapped off the Bootcamp.But I explained to my supportive facilitator, Hannah and she advised to push the codes to GitHub and she assured me that the rest will be well .But that is gone…
Day two has been less hectic.My day two began at 3.30 AM,only after sleeping for one and half hours .I woke up,took a shower,breakfast then embarked on my laptop and started developing an app that consumes a public API.I coded until 5.45 AM . At 6 A.M I started doing another project I had for a client of which I was to go present a demo at 2.00 P.M .
The self-study tests involved programming logic.There was also a task that was testing HTTP and the web. From the tasks, I managed to learn more about python.These include split function,isdigit,min,max and much more.I learned how to implement the functions. I also learned how to make an app consume a public API via HTTP.At first when I read the question involving web API, what came first in my mind is to create a web service and should be a CLI app.So I rushed and started to learn how to create a RESTful web service in python.I chose at first Django-rest.I also came across tools that can be used to create a CLI app in python.These include optparse,argparse and docopt. But according to my research I found docopt easier and super.I had never heard of docopt before, but the task made me even go ahead and learn how docopt works.
I also had to study what is in outcome document, and tick appropriately what I have studied. I did databases outcome and test-driven development outcome.

If you can remember my first blog post I talked about home sessions Bootcamp being three days.So you are right if you guessed I have only a day to finish my Bootcamp home session!

Tomorrow I will post my day three home sessions experience.Stay tuned my faithful reader.