Viernes NEGRO!!!!

Viernes Negro is in Spanish for, Black Friday and WOW is it really black Friday. We all now that the day before thanksgiving the shopping for the holidays officially begins. As for me this November 27, 2015 was the first black Friday I decided not to be part of the crazy shopping spree. After 9 years. I was very passionate about black Friday always looking forward to it year after year. Finding my way to the stores on thanksgiving. I use to be the number one instigator from the family, some way or another I ended up convincing all family members with us that night to shop with me, because of the great deals and how much money they would be saved that day. But is really worth it? standing in line with cold temperatures, camping outside stores, leaving “long time no see” family members, big lines, lots and lots of people pushing and shoving, fighting, and even pepper spray. Here are a few thigs I now keep in mind and hope other people will as well, as I now also consider that shopping that day can be dangerous

1. Stores offer the same sales online Though Black Friday started as a brick-and-mortar store shopping holiday, many stores now offer the same sales online. You can do all of your shopping in your pajamas and not miss out on the sales. For some people as it was for me this, it has become something of a Black Friday tradition all around the country. Mobile shopping is also getting more popular as an alternative to going out. Adobe’s annual holiday shopping forecast report predicts that 51 percent of purchases on Thanksgiving will come from mobile phones, likely made while recovering from a food coma on the couch. The catch is that not all items are available online, so you’ll need to do your homework first to plot out what you want to buy and where you can get it.

2. Black Friday shopping is madness (and possibly dangerous)Getting up early or not going to bed at all; lining up outside waiting for a store to open; fighting other shoppers for the last Xbox bundle. Black Friday might save you some money, but you lose in the process. First, going out to shop is inefficient, because you have to go from store to store, braving packed parking lots, traffic and overcrowded malls. Second, despite stores’ best safety efforts, people still get hurt during Black Friday fights — just search for “black friday fights” in your favorite search engine to get a taste. People have also been shot, stabbed and trampled to death, all in the name of a deal. The day has ended badly for some individuals in years past. At best, Black Friday is a stressful day of mobs of people and headaches; at worst, it could land you in the ER. Staying at home keeps you away from it all.

3. Deals aren’t always the best you can buy. Don’t fall prey to enticing low prices on stuff you wouldn’t otherwise buy. Many big-ticket door busters are for subpar products that you’d overlook any other day. TVs are notorious for this, for example, Target’s TV door busters include several low-end TVs from Westinghouse and Element. They are cheap in price and quality, so you’re better off saving your money for a much better model that’s not on sale during Black Friday. Also look out for items that are bundled with a gift card but aren’t actually on sale. If you aren’t already in the market to buy the item that comes with gift card, don’t let the extra sway you into spending money on something that’s not really a deal. Not all deals are worth it, especially since retailers like to compare the discount to the MSRP, even when the item sells for less than that price regularly. Do your homework before you go out to the store to see if the sale on that camera or Blu-ray player is actually worth it, or if you can get it cheaper elsewhere.

The National Retail Federation said it expected about 99.8 million people to shop on Black Friday and 135.8 million at some point in the four-day weekend. The trade group also expected sales for November and December to rise 3.7%. This meaning to me that there will be a lot more great deals coming ahead and by searching and staying on top of what you want to purchase the great deal will eventually come without getting all this chaos.

So now, the choice is yours, will you go out shopping on Black Friday, or stay home?

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