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Cherry-picking is a form of fake news. a.) Claiming solar and wind are undermining the grid is NOT disproven by stating that the power grid is more reliable today. b.) Demand is flat and will continue to be…not so fast: Demand is flat because economic growth has been flat for the last 16 years. Watch it take off now. c.) The efficiency stds you wish for — what are they? What implementation costs will offset the “savings”, especially in present value? d.) Stunning price drops in wind and solar, counting subsidies? Based on economies of scale? With all the landscape clutter we still get less than 5% from these magillas. e.) Coal and nuclear uneconomical? Show me the data. In the case of nuclear, it has been regulated, lawfared and protested into oblivion while being a warmist’s dream. New nuclear could replace all fossil burning and release of CO2. Ionizing radiation is not harmful (even beneficial) in moderate doses, but we spend billions to make it zero.