The Best Grooming Experience in Just $40

Just like most guys out there, I felt spending more than $50 on a haircut to be somewhat silly. What could a hair stylist really offer me that would be justified the amount I pay? That’s why I drudged for quite a long time endeavoring to find a “good value” — somewhere that would give me the particular hair style I wanted at a reasonable price.

To my expectations, I found that it’s next to impossible to locate in Del Mar. In light of what I had as experience, I decided to see what all the hype with high-price tags had to offer.

I went all out and reached Del Beauty Box. I chose to visit this salon, because of two reasons — (i) It renders high quality services at honest prices, and (ii) I had heard only good things about this salon. So, I was very excited to get my new haircut. However, I didn’t ask for any service on that day (I just wanted to see what they do and how they do). While I was sitting on the couch, I noticed that each stylist was behaving well with the clients, the place was actually neat and tidy; similar to what I had heard, and the products they were using were of good brands.

I decided not to waste much time (after having a glance at the pricing table). The service I was looking for was going to cost me just $40. So, I got my appointment fixed.

On the very next day, I managed to come 30 minutes prior to my turn. It was 11 a.m. and the salon was already packed with some fashionable guys and gals, who were trying to put their names down on the waiting list.

They called my name exactly 30 minutes later and I finally got the chance to sit in the cozy barber chair. Jennifer (I got to know her name during our conversation) asked me, “what exactly I’m looking for?” I told her my requirements. She then asked two or three clarifying questions before she could actually start.

To be honest, I was impressed with the amount of care and detail that she was putting into. Though my hair was long and thick, the clippers were set properly; that showed how experienced she was.

As we moved forward to the scissor session of my haircut, I would swear the water sprayed on my hair was scented. During this session, a surprising thing happened; Jennifer didn’t even ask me about my requirements again, which was actually a good sign.

After the scissor session, she then started shaving the back of my neck. She was using a straight edge razor, which I could barely feel on my skin. Soon after the shaving session, she put a steamed towel over my face. After She was done, she asked me to look into the mirror. (While saying this, she was sounding very confident. And, why wouldn’t she be? After all, she did a tremendous job.)

Through this post, I just want to show how happy and satisfied I was with my haircut in Del Mar and I highly recommend their service to you. With my latest look and a smile on my face, I left the salon with a promise that I’ll come there again.