How 10% changed my life…

My money, my way…

The words above explain my past attitude towards money especially when it came to church… haha yes…I was one of the “know it all” guys who use to say, “If root of all evil is money why do churches ask for it?”.

Still today, I see many who have trouble believing 10% belongs to God and offering is change from buying snacks before church.

So I thought it might be helpful if you heard my story.

I can’t tell you how much debt and hardships I have had with money. When I wasn’t saved I was so so so horrible! I use to gamble, get loans, borrow money, pawn, etc. I was always living paycheck to paycheck and making more debt for myself. My credit score was probably at the lowest it could possibly go and I was being taken to court for past bills and credits… My finances were out of wack…

During all of this I was trying to pay credit doctors, loan consolidation businesses but I wasn’t able to do that either…

Basically my priorities were out of line…God wasn’t in the picture…most of all…I put myself before God, buying and doing what I wanted with what I thought was “my money”. Wells it’s pretty obvious what happens next.

I got saved and things started to make a turn. My finances were not fixed immediately but although I got saved, I still didn’t tithe and give offering. Those two things came later as I got deeper in the Word.

After getting saved, I basically gave up trying to do everything my way and asked God to come into my life. I told him there was a lot of things I probably don’t understand and he asked me to begin to read. The pastor who was praying for me at the time asked me to read John chapter 1. John chapter 1 basically talks about the Word of God becoming flesh. Of course at the time I had no idea what I was reading but now, the full picture comes to mind. God knew what I needed all along. I needed the Word, better yet, I needed the fleshly Word…I need to accept the Living Word, Jesus Christ in my life. After a few months I realized the majority of my problems were because of me being “selfish”. Everything always had to be about me…It was me me me me…haha

One thing I learned from the Word was Love. After reading and understanding Love I realized being saved was actually learning to Love God fully. I finally understood God chose us…we didn’t bring ourselves in the world. We weren’t an accident or came by chance. But brought here chosen and by the Words and hands of God. God built us and put us into existence. We owe him everything. That’s when I realized I owe everything to God…my job, finances, children, marriage all belonged to him and they were a result of God blessing me and teaching me to be faithful. I began to love God so much. I realized all of his Word should be honored not just parts that benefit me. When you know everything you have is not really yours but Gods, it’s easier to give. It’s easier to love. When I was saved I didn’t tithe and give offerings, but when I began to learn to love God and my neighbors, that’s when things started to change. The more I helped others the more God helped me. The more I honored God’s Word about tithe and offering, the more I was blessed and taken out of debts and financial problems.

Miracles began to happen with my finances. Businesses sent me paid off letters, overpaid bill return statements and even strangers began to bless me with finances. I wouldn’t call it random or consequence. When I needed 10.74…a stranger would bless me with 10.74. When our gas was completely empty. People would say let me put in 23 dollars for you…making it a perfect full tank. People at stores buying us groceries. Basically our needs were taken care of and we didn’t have to ask. Blessings in finances were not the only thing God gave us but much understanding and messages came from his Word to my mind. There were many cases in which our budget wouldn’t work with added tithes and offerings, but this is where our faith was tested. We gave what God asked of us even when we could of used the remainder to pay for something else…Yet later down the road, money or the bill would be taken care of. There wasn’t one time when God failed us. God always took care of us. It’s hard to believe sometimes…Crazy things began to happen and it all started with giving my first 10%. When you put God first and give him the first of your fruits. You’re not only giving to God but showing faith and obedience to him. Sometimes God puts it on your heart to give more than what he asks…talk about being blessed beyond measure. And recently my offering became more of a sacrifice. A sacrifice means the act of offering to a deity something precious. Lot of times we give God our scraps when the Lord asks us to give him an offering/sacrifice. (the change leftover from Sunday breakfast) Giving God scraps isn’t giving God a precious deity but chump change. Not paying tithe and offering is “stealing” from God. He says it in his Word.

When I think back to my unsaved life and my finances. I robbed God every single paycheck. Every single offering. No wonder I was so much in the wrong.

This story is only about the physical end of giving my tithe and offering. Don’t forget your mind has to be right as well. We can’t give with the attitude, “I really need this money, but I’ll give it anyway…” or “I wonder what happens to this money after I give it? Is it being used wisely?” First off, the money is not yours and if you’re truly faithful, these questions and hesitations never come to mind. The Words says to give freely and willingly.

Now…My debts are almost clear! Credit Score is making a comeback! Blessing continues in the family! Needs are always provided! God even gave us a clear mind and knowledge on how to be wise with our finances. It’s amazing what God does for you when you give it all to him.

For the love of money is the root of all evil.

Don’t love money more than God.

Jesus even says, if you love your mother, father, children, siblings more than me, you are not worthy of me.

God loves you infinity times more than you love your own parents, siblings, children, etc. Imagine God’s Love!

Begin giving to God in righteousness. Witness your life change!